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    I'm trying to get nested grid to work as well (Ext JS 4.1.0). I used as a starting point, and noticed that when a row in the outer grid is expanded...
  2. Is there anyone from ExtJS who can answer this?
    I'm looking for an answer for the "Source".
  3. My question was actually whether ExtJS 2.2 (the latest version) currently supports FireFox version 1.5+ on Linux?
    So 1.5 is the version of FireFox, not ExtJS.
  4. Did your reply mean that ExtJS is not supported on FireFox Linux at all, or ExtJS is not supported on FireFox 1.5 but supported on later version such as FireFox 3.0 Linux?

  5. Does ExtJS officially support FireFox 1.5+ on Linux? The website only mentions FireFox 1.5+ support for PC and Mac.

  6. I'm developing an application which contains a tab panel. Each tab contains a grid panel with remote store and sorting configuration.
    Currently, I encounter a random Ajax request problem which...
  7. I have a GridPanel that is configured to load and sort its data remotely.
    I also configured its "loadMask" property to "true".
    So, as expected, anytime I go to a different page, sort on a column,...
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