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  1. Thanks for the response, but I don't understand -- what exactly should I change? Which autoLoad?
  2. Just for clarification: the problem also exists with the Windows version of Firefox.
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext JS 5.0.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 31.0, no add-ons installed (safe mode) (Ubuntu 14.04 64bit)

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    And now, here's the same fix for Ext JS 4.1:

    var noWrapTextAreaTpl = Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate',
    '<textarea id="{id}" ',
    '<tpl if="name"> name="{name}"</tpl>',
  5. I don't have a trivial test case available, because it would require some server-side code.

    But the steps to reproduce:

    1) Create a Ext JS store with no columns. Let the first request to the...
  6. @imwill

    This solved flickering and icons look OK... but now scrolling up and down in panels is broken. :( Some buttons do not scroll with the rest of form.
  7. Thanks! :)

    Actually, I have to -- MongoVision has already been updated to work with Ext JS 4, so all these extensions should be good to go.
  8. @mycoding:

    It's absolutely not for Java, but for JavaScript. It runs on the JVM and accesses some JVM services, but the language throughout is JavaScript.


    What I should have said is...
  9. Nice guess, Bob, but this is very clearly a CSS transparency issue. Using the CSS fix does make the flicker go away -- the problem is that it introduces icon rendering issues.

    I also test my...
  10. Right, but there's also this closed thread that claims that the bug has been solved:

  11. I'm really hurting on this bug. :/

    Anybody find a way to do more discriminating CSS so that the animation fix doesn't break icon rendering?
  12. (See the initial announcement)

    New release!

    Get it:

    So, what do we have here...
  13. I've created one as part of the Savory framework (LGPL). However, he's a quick copy-and-paste of it:

    Ext.define('Savory.form.field.ReCaptcha', {
    alias: 'widget.recaptchafield',
  14. The Chicago talk was recorded and will be online soon. I will post the link here when it's ready.

    CouchDB is terrific, but has different use cases. MongoDB atomic operations ended up being the...
  15. If you live in Chicago, come to the July 6 2011 MongoDB meetup, where I will be presenting Savory, and showing some wild Ext JS and Sencha Touch tricks:
  16. I'm happy to announce an early release of the first open source, super-scalable, comprehensive web development framework for MongoDB, featuring strong integration with the Ext JS...
  17. Can you post a workaround for read?
  18. OK, so store.remove() suffers from the same problem. The workaround is a little more complex.

    First, here's the updated exception handler from the proxy:

  19. There's always insert() which you can use to add non-sorted data.

    As it stands right now, add() seems broken or of limited use. In my opinion, adding an addSorted() method will not solve this...
  20. If you have sorters installed on the store, you would except them to always work. But, if you call store.add(...), it does not happen, and your records are simply added to the end. When connected to...
  21. If you do store.add(...), and the server returns success:false in the response, the store ignores this and still adds the record. Obviously wrong!

    The workaround I found is to handle the exception...
  22. This used to work in Ext JS 3, but no more.

    It was difficult to debug, but I found out how to do it! You need to override the getRowClass function of the view (which is based on the...
  23. I'm announcing two bugs (Ext JS 4.0) as well as providing a workaround. :)

    The first issue is store.add won't work with an implicit model initialized via metaData coming in from the reader,...
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    After rummaging through the source code, I found this workaround. It actually seems like the old method is no longer supported, because fields are rendered using templates.

    First, create a custom...
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    Something like this used to work in Ext JS 3:

    xtype: 'textareafield',
    autoCreate: {
    tag: 'textarea',
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