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  1. I do not manage to add/remove list-records to the list. Can you post a code snippet for that, too?
  2. Hi MahlerFreak,

    once more: thank you for your effort and great work!

    I have tested your code again and can just repeat myself:
    on iOS everything works fine,
    on fast android devices (good...
  3. Hi MahlerFreak,
    it seams as you cannot use XTemplate for the itemTpl. Is this correct? Is it hard to enable this functionallity?
  4. This sounds great! Thank you. Looking forward to it!!!
  5. Will you add support for grouped headers? - Would be great!!!
  6. Hi MahlerFreak!
    I'm glad, that you are back! :)

    I tested your latest code again on several devices:
    - iPodTouch: good,
    - iPad: good
    - Motorola Milestone: ok (not scrolling...
  7. Hi Scott,
    I am very much looking forward to your fix! I am curious if it can be fixed (as the freezing of the screen did only occur with one of two android smartphones)...

    I've just tested the...
  8. Once again: Impressive work, MahlerFreak!!! Thank you!

    I have tested BufferedList3 on several devices, here is my report:
    In general it seems that the list performs better on iOS-devices than on...
  9. Thank you for your hot-fix during your christmas-family-visit, but unfortunately adding the three lines of code throw an error:
    'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'delay' of undefined'

  10. I have a question to the BufferedList-Code:

    I am trying to implement it to my code and I' like to load the store-data from a server.

    So I changed the baseConfig-Value 'data' from 'data:...
  11. Hi mherger,
    do you think with your solution it will be possible to display group headers?

    How could a possible solution for this look like?
    You would have to know (=calculate) how many group...
  12. You are amazing, guys!
    I just lean back and enjoy your posts - and test your code of course. Till I can say something about it, I just raise my hands and clap & cheer loud for you! :)
    Thank you!
  13. Yes, of course it is possible to not show the index bar: 'indexBar: false' :)

    Why does every group, that is rendered with content ('this.shouldRenderItems(group)') appear underneath the rendered...
  14. I tested your zip on my HTC Desire HD - performance is amazing - no screen-freezing anymore...
    On the iPad it works good as well, but on an iPod (2nd Generation, iOS 4) normal scrolling (without...
  15. I am very much curious on MahlerFreak's solution and hope that it can be applied to SenchaTouch-Lists as well... Good luck with that! :) It is great, that you will share the fruits of your brain with...
  16. Hi,
    I build a list which uses a XTemplate for its items and have tested it on several devices:
    iPod-Touch, iPhone, iPad: works o.k.

    Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tablet: works rather poor....
  17. Replies
    I hava another issue concerning the XTemplate and the renderTo-issue:

    I get a response from my server, parse the data and update/fill my store ('myStore.add({...})'). I use the following...
  18. No, I hope(d) to get a BugFix by the SenchaExperts...
    No solution found yet. Would appreciate a fix as well! :)
  19. Replies
    Great, thank you! :)
  20. Replies
    Thank you for your helpful response! After reading the article you posted, I understand custom event listener delegation.
    Concerning the custom XTemplate I do not see that clear: Is it possible to...
  21. Replies
    Is it possible to create a List View similar/identical to the one shown in the picture?


    Whereas the 'pink'-areas shall be click-/tapable.

    My approach would be to define a 'new...
  22. what do you mean? how would you do it?
    Thanx for a reply!
  23. Not the first time that I post a question and find the answer by myself! :)

    xtype: 'container',
    cls: 'borderGreen',
    height: '100%',
  24. Can anyone paste me the code for a tabPanel with specific width/height and 'fullscreen: false' - I cannot manage to code it correctly :(

    (I want to put a TabPanel with let's say two or three...
  25. Hi,
    I am testing senchatouch 1.0.1 and tried to implement a tabpanel:

    icon: 'rsc/img/icon.png',
    glossOnIcon: false,
    tabletStartupScreen: 'rsc/img/tabletStartScreen.png',
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