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    I'm not able to reproduce the bugs we had when I update my Firefox version to 18.0.1.

    Can anyone else confirm it has been fixed ? So we can remove the workaround in the library.
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    Comment #21 helped. Thanks a lot !
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    That workaround still gives me the "too much recursion" error.

    Has anyone found a temporary fix that would allow our users to continue using FF while Mozilla is working on the issue ?
  4. I was able to fix it using 'boxready'. I had some issues with a LoadMask on the hidden map though, I solved it by adding the loading mask on the whole Viewport rather than just on that panel, it...
  5. Well I still don't get why the behavior changed from 4.0.7 to 4.1.1. I've built my app logic on that fact and I don't want to have to change a significant part of it to make it work again.

    To me,...
  6. I can try to explain why...

    I have a border layout with a panel in the north that contains a map that needs to be loaded when the panel has it's size calculated (afterrender) for it to be rendered...
  7. It indeed works but for reasons that are related to our app I just can't do it that way.
  8. I'm just copying this bug from the previous 4.1.x dev forum.

    Later in the thread, I was told later that:

    Yet, in the release note of the 4.1.1 GA (in the bugs fixed), I can see that:
  9. Any news about EXTJSIV-5149 ?

    It's a really painful one, we are about to upgrade our app to 4.1.1 and it's been a blocker for weeks.
  10. It does the trick, thanks to you both !
  11. It feels like no one has the slightest clue what I'm talking about..
  12. Any news on this ? Our application can't be released in 4.1.1 until it's fixed.
  13. I can't really make a test case for this issue so I'll try to explain it the best way I can.

    Here is the context of my problem:

    In our application we have filter windows that allow users to...
  14. Works like a charm, thank you !
  15. It indeed works with the property but as I mentioned it's impossible for me to do it this way.

    Should I expect another answer ? Your last post is making me doubt.
  16. Hi,

    I'm trying to collapse the north panel at afterrender under some conditions, but when these conditions are met and the panel is collapsed (programmatically), it's just not expendable anymore....
  17. Well I don't know I thought tpl was there to give the possibility to change the button rendering as you like. That's how I used it before and I don't understand why it should be otherwise in 4.1.
  18. Because that's the result I'm looking for:
  19. Hi.

    I'm testing the 4.1 RC3 against our app and I've noticed that the setWidth() method from the 'inputEl' element in a searchfield does not work anymore.

    Here is the test case i'm using:

  20. Here is a (quickly) made test case. You can see in the firebug console that the combobox value goes from 0 to an empty string by entering the afterrender phase.

  21. Hi.

    I have a page with some comboboxes and I set their values at the render phase. For some strange reasons, it seems that all the values I set are deleted somewhere between the render and the...
  22. Hi.

    I'm trying the 4.1 RC 3 on our app and I can't get the 'tpl' config from button to work. It just seems to be ignored.

    When I switch to 'renderTpl', the parameter is taken into account, but...
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