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  1. update to 2.3 beta,it works OK.
  2. I used sencha touch2.0.1 and other js tools(jvectormap,a svg graph tool) to build a app,the map has many event listener, such as onclick,when click on a map's region,it will fire onclick event and...
  3. thanks,but this do legend show incorrectly(don't show label),i want to get the following results(image):
    i read the legend.js, i found in doSetDocked method, when set docked 'top' or...
  4. i search pie and series's config and method, didn't find how to hidden a pie chart's label,who can help me?
  5. thank you mitchellsimoens ,you mean the next touch charts verion's performance will increased greatly?can you tell about when to release the new version?
  6. Hi.
    i'm using touch charts 2 in iPad2/iPad3,but the performance is unacceptable(i use touch-charts-2.0.0-beta's example:BrowseST,Combo,EnergyApp,States,TreeMap)。for example, panzoom on column or...
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