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  1. You can easily view the bug when you try "Forms with vBox Layout" (Ext 4-pre5). Collapse the form panel and you will see forms's buttons inside the header.

    Is there a public bug tracker for Ext in...
  2. When I extend some classes to customize field's display I lost anchoring when I used it in a form panel.

    The code above is a simple example. The second field is provided by the extended class and...
  3. 20080

    As shown in the attached image, there is a bug in IE. When the value displayed in a column is too long and without spaces, the icon and the text is not displayed.

    Does someone knows how...
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    Try something like that to check what type of field the grid is grouped by.

    groupTextTpl: '<tpl if="groupId.indexOf(\'storefieldname1\') != -1">storefieldname1 {text}</tpl>' +
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