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  1. To update on my situation:

    - I tried with voloshyns patch of stbuild, and after a long time the build command does finish, but with an error message about JAVA_HOME. I found an earlier message of...
  2. I tried once more to create a hello world app, using, and this time it worked! I don't know why it did not work before. If someone wants the the zip file that I uploaded to...
  3. Hi,

    in 3 weeks I need to deliver my sencha app on Android. I am still not able to build a "hello world" Sencha app for android. About 8 days ago, I mailed to Sencha support to ask whether I can...
  4. Hi voloshyn,

    I tried with the patch for mac, but running the sencha command now hangs (apparantly at stbuild) for the last 15 minutes, and probably forever:

    sencha package run...
  5. Thanks, I can now see the icon, but it's in black and white. Is it possible to see it in colour?
  6. I used the standard st2 icon for my test. I've attached it with this post.
  7. Hi, I am still having this problem. Since the icon shows correctly when I place it in an html body, could this be a bug in ST2? I'm asking because if it is indeed a bug, I can reasonably assume it...
  8. Hi,

    I'm trying to get some basic Ext.Picker functionalities working. To reproduce the problem I am having, I put some code in sencha fiddle

  9. I'm also stopped at this problem, I hope the bugfix will be published soon. I tried to create the android package with phonegap.Build, but the app gives a blank screen after loading.
  10. In CSS I have

    .x-tab .x-button-icon.import,
    .x-button .x-button-icon.x-icon-mask.import {
  11. However, when I use it in my sencha app, it shows all black...
  12. Siesta looks interesting. Have you tried it with ST2? I'd love to see a small sample project.
    I set up my ST2 project with the SDK tools, so it's using app.json and microloader; ideally, I'm looking...
  13. Hi,

    I'm trying to write unit tests for my ST2 using qUnit. Is this possible? If so, can you point me to a simple example? If not, I suppose I should use Jasmine, and in that case, is there an...
  14. The blog post explains how to package a ST2 app for use with phonegap. However, the service does this work already: you just submit a zipped ST2 project, and it builds it for iOS,...
  15. Probably many people use the combination of ST2 and phonegap.Build, because it does not require any setup (not even the Sencha SDK tools, which is an advantage for me, being on Linux) to have builds...
  16. Hi Mitchell,

    yes, it shows:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  17. Hi,

    I'm trying to use a custom icon in ST2. I think I have everything setup correctly, and the only problem remains in the encoding of the icon image. My icon shows up all black, but if I use the...
  18. Thanks for the fast response, as usual :-). It's been a very good experience using ST2.
    Back to my original question, in the docs for renderTpl, it says

    This is intended to allow the developer...
  19. For some reason, setting these variables does not affect the gradient.
    To investigate further, I

    - set picker-bar-gradient: 'flat' and updated the stylesheet
    - compared this stylesheet to the...
  20. Instead of overriding the constructor, you can also implement the
    initialize function, which is called automatically once the object is constructed. That way, you don't have to call callParent.
  21. It would help if you upload your example to SenchaFiddle, that way we can play with it.
  22. According to the docs, ST2 components have a setRenderTpl function, but this function is missing in my components. Is there some way to set the render template?

    The renderTpl member is also...
  23. I think you can just call or
    tab.hide() for any tab inside your tabpanel.
  24. Inside the constructor of your container, you can call
    this.add(anotherButton); (assuming that anotherButton is an instance of Ext.Button)
  25. Hi,

    I'm trying to display the Ext.Picker without the gradient (I'm trying to style it to my liking, this is one of the steps).

    Can someone tell me which style rule is causing the picker to have...
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