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  1. I think properties autoLoad: true can perform this
  2. What type is actioncolumn? and type of icon that you want apply?
    Normally, to change stylesheet ( include mouse cursor ) of component, you can use
    - selector CSS to access to component and...
  3. I think : XTemplate is component important in Sencha. But In sencha 2 I don't understand: why Xtemplate not work when it bind to DataView which use a store local. In Sencha 1 I use XTemplate is...
  4. @suzuki: In the last I tried use itemtap like document of sencha. But if use "itemtap" even then this even always chosen a tab "div" that sencha use to wrap html "
    <div>{name} is {age} years...
  5. yes, i replaced 'el' with 'element'. But it not work
  6. @Suzuki: thanks.
    But my question is how to add listener for el in html
    Example. In sencha touch 1
    I have a XTemplate

    var staffTemplate = new Ext.XTemplate(

    '<div id="content">',
  7. How to apply "el" listerner for components without "initialize" ?
    Example , in sencha touch 1 my code is:

    { xtype: 'toolbar',
  8. I also find this issue on sencha touch 1, run on thinkpad levono
    Solution is use input of HTML 5 combined with sencha.
    xtype: 'numberfield',
  9. Swort

    Previously post this issue , i trying use properties : height, minHeight, maxHeight.. and override css class of child component but it height of textfield cannot less 45.
    I'm sure about...
  10. Hi Swort-it

    I understand your idea
    But not always document of sencha is correct. You can set height greater than 45px, but cannot smaller 45px
    The last i tried use property minHeigth , style ....
  11. Hi swort-it,

    Your code use to set distance between textfield components.
    But i want descrease of height textfields on my panel to all component are in a screen of iPhone and user doesn't need...
  12. Hi izak18,
    It is set with for label of textfield. It isn't set height
  13. Hi everybody,

    I was trying set height for textfield, emailfield in my form panel.
    I tried set value for properties "height", "maxHeight", "fieldCls" .But it cannot apply
    Somebody can make this?...
  14. @dschano:

    Your ajax request not working because you used attribute url in Ajax request is incorrect.
    This attribute don't allow use IP. Correct is:
    Example my server is: ...
  15. Hi.
    I thing: this is a problem when use phonegap to build native app on Android( iOS)
    "Ext.Ajax.request" only can working when the browser. Method post, get are methods of browser when send...
  16. Hi Wall Tearer
    Thanks you. Your solution is the best in options.

    - In css file
    .x-form-label span {
    word-wrap: break-word; /*to avoid words that exceed length of the label*/

  17. :) Ok mitchell.
    Can you show me that css ?
    Thanks a lot!
  18. Sencha Touch version tested:


    Platform tested against:

  19. Hi Andrea,
    Now i also build an app base on Sencha touch ( wrap from web app use PhoneGap ) and my app has an feature upload file . An big an problem is how to select a file ( pdf, text.. ) on Iphone...
  20. Replies
    Hi all,
    I have building an webapp by use Sencha touch.
    My add form is dynamic form, depend actions it render differences element form.

    //add elements
    function addFrom()
  21. Hi everybody.
    I want buid panels contain other components : gridview, button, text, lable... And they can drag and drop similar to google gadget ( ). I have seen examples...
  22. Replies
    I tested On safari and chrome : don't occur error as your description.( See attach file)
    What version's Sencha touch you use?
    Second bug???
    How to you can set empty array to store and grouped...
  23. Replies
    Hi I don't occur this error . It excute normal.
    See exception maybe you define incorrect date format( mixYear, maxYear)
  24. I tested on Iphone
    Sencha touch version 1.1.0 don't occur bug leaves empty space when click DatePicker and Ext.form.Select
    But when click Datepicker( or Ext.form.Select) --> click canel button -->...
  25. You can:

    mypanel.doLayout(); // important

    Notes: mypanel must has its layout.
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