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  1. thx

    i was using kind of this solution
  2. Is there an easy way to create the viewport after all my stores have been loaded completely?
    I have about 8 different stores all have the autoload option true.
    Now i need a way to show the viewport...
  3. ok i have found a solution i built a hidden span into my grouping header where i am saving my debitorId and my groupActions take this as value, so i can group by debitorName

  4. i do sort by "debitorName":

    sorters: [{
    property: 'debitorName',
    direction: 'ASC'
  5. Here is an example:

    debitorName "T" got debitorNr 1
    debitorName "Z" got debitorNr 2
    debitorName "A" got debitorNr 3

    As you can see the grid sorts the groups after the debitorNr instead of the...
  6. My grouping grid simply will not sort by "debitorName". What the hell am i doing wrong? It only sorts after "debitorNr"....

    Please, need this get working very urgent.


  7. i have the same problem. after filtering my store the grouping grid expands all results.
    is there already a solution for this problem?
    need this working very urgent.

  8. I think LiveSearchGrid + RowExpander Plugin doesnt not work together.
    My search doesnt find any record using this code: (without the rowExpander plugin it works perfectly)
  9. lol, i could swear that i have allready tried this and it did not work.

    but now it works like a charm

  10. i am creating a message like:{....buttons : Ext.Msg.YESNO .....});

    is there a way to set the NO button as default button instead of the yes button?
    there are several post all...
  11. yes, i thought about this too, but i would like a "clean" way, without creating a "no instance", much better.
  12. well, your example would work perfectly if i had to choose a value from combobox, but
    i also want to be able to leave my combobox blank, if there is no supervisor needed.

    but if i set allowBlank...
  13. Now my Combobox looks like follow, but it still isnt doing what i need it to do:

    if i enter an invalid string(an string which isnt contained in my source) into my combobox and then hit my save...
  14. anyone?
  15. Hello!

    I have the following problem. I want a combox which is editable, so the user can type and the list will be filtered (so he hasnt to scroll through all entries), but i also want the...
  16. Not at the moment, but i am planing to purchase a ExtJS4 + Standard Support in the next couple of weeks
  17. My Question is: How do i get rid of this useless scrollbar? (without disabeling scrolling when really needed)

    The problem is the treepanel within the accordion layout, out of the accordion it...
  18. i think i found a bug concerning the slider field within a formpanel.
    if u call loadRecord on the form and the data for the slider is an array, there will come "thumb is undefined", this is because...
  19. i guess this problem only occurs in the extop (exjts desktop) version.
    i tried to adopt the desktop version for my usage.
    i am not using modules, instead i am creating the windows like this:

  20. Replies
    still got this problem

    Ext.define("Ext.ux.desktop.Desktop",{ id:"desktopView",... .....}

    i tried:
    b.createWindow({... constrain: true, constrainTo: "desktopView" ....
  21. I have the following structure:


    the combobox has a locale store.

    the window is draggable. but after selecting any value in the combobox i cant drag my...
  22. up
  23. models:
    Order.model.Category and Order.model.Dish

    all i get is:

    Unless you define your model through metadata, a store needs to have a model defined on either...
  24. still got this problem
  25. any ideas where my problem is?

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