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  1. Thanks Mitchell.

    How do I tell the button to choose the cls based on the current cls?


    let's say there are two buttons, FONT SMALLER and FONT BIGGER.

    And let's say I have 5 font...
  2. I have a panel pulling in content from a blog via JSONP. However, it displays in quite a small font. I can change that via CSS but ideally I want to create a button so the user can make the text...
  3. I managed to work this out in the end with this code:

    scope: this,

    contentimages = record.get('content'),
  4. Hi,

    I have a List driven by a JSONP request to a blog showing the latest post titles - when the user taps on a title, it then pops open a panel with the {content}.

    However, the <img src> for...
  5. Hi,

    I have a Flickr gallery, user taps on the itemTpl and the image opens in a fullscreen overlay. However, I just want this to happen when the user taps the img, not when they tap anything in...
  6. I looked at your NASA app and worked out how to combine that with the record.get.

    Here's the code in case useful to others:

    listeners: {
  7. wow, didn't know about that, really useful - I've been struggling with how to make images display right on different devices. I like your NASA example, going to dig into how you built that.

    So in...
  8. Thanks Ed, that worked a treat.

    However, when I add the img to the viewport, how do I make it contain to within the dimensions of the screen? When you see the image in the list, it's width is set...
  9. Hi,

    I have a Flickr image gallery - the API query is used to update an itemTpl. When the user taps on the image it should then open an overlay panel with the image specified fullscreen in the...
  10. you mean set startParam as 'start-index'? I tried that but it stopped the API query returning anything:

    proxy: {
    type: 'jsonp',
  11. start-index says which item it should start with:

    "The start-index parameter specifies the index of the first matching result that should be included in the result set. This parameter uses a...
  12. According to the API query parameters ( it only seems to have max-results and start-index but doesn't seem to have a results per...
  13. i have a list displaying the videos from a Youtube API JSONP query and the ListPaging plugin is active.

    However, when I scroll to the bottom of the first page of videos it doesn't load the next...
  14. Just got it working, I had to map the fields and also delete the callbackKey: 'jsoncallback',

    here's the working code:

    * This examples illustrates the 'List Paging' and 'Pull...
  15. The data from the Instagram API I'm trying to display via JSONP -

    [CODE]HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Accept-Language, Cookie
  16. Hi,

    I'm having trouble getting a JSONP query to the Instagram API to display the photos returned. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the callback (which I don't really understand), or if it's to...
  17. ah, thanks, I've never compiled sth from source before myself.

    Is the below what I need to do (except for the fact they're talking about ubuntu obviously)? And then refollow all the Sencha Touch...
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    thanks, that looks much neater, easier for me to edit as I go too.
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    awesome, that worked for me Mitch, thanks.

    Here's the code for others:

    Ext.define('TweetStore', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
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    Thanks for your quick replies.

    @MrSunshine - I did try callbackKey: 'jsonFlickrApi' but it doesn't seem to work

    @Mitchell - Flickr always seems to wrap the JSON data in a jsonFlickrApi...
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    Does anyone have example code in Sencha Touch 2 of a JSONP request to Flickr? I'm trying to edit the Ajax example in the Sencha Touch 2 SDK (which contains a JSONP example for weather) but keep...
  22. Hi, tried and simply open, but same result - once the Sencha Touch 2 app is added to the homescreen, the linked image doesn't open the link in mobile Safari, just stays in the webapp...
  23. Hi,

    I have an image hyperlinked to a webpage using a tap listener. When you tap it in Safari, the link opens in the same window and the user has the Safari back button to get back to the webapp. ...
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    thanks, that's awesome!
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    I did a search in the forums but couldn't find one of your previous answers, sorry to repeat here.

    Is this what you mean by anchor tag tap? use a listener to then do an open function? although...
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