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  1. The solution is to add the package as a "require" in the app.json:

    * List of package names to require for the cmd build process
    "requires": [

    after adding...
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    Hey - had the same issue by myself.
    This is a bug in Sencha Touch 2.1 - until 2.1.1 isn't generally available you can use the fix described under:...
  3. Hi everybody,

    maybe it's just a little thing, but i don't get the idea. My Goal is to develop a very simple - which simply implements a getValue() Method.

    My.AjaxReader =...
  4. Hi,

    thanks for your help. These Grids are added in a for-loop directly to a tab panel. This is the (shortened) bunch of code

    ProductSelectorTab = function(config) {

    var cLoader = new...
  5. Hi there,

    I've got a 'strange' behavior with a grid which is located in a TabPanel. The TabPanel is located at the nearly bottom of the page. You can see parts of it (headers and 2 maybe 3 rows)...
  6. Hi there,

    i tried the Eclipse Plugin Extbuilder to simply Kickstart a greater Application. Unfortunately I am not shure if this is a problem with ExtJS, Extbuilder or my brain :(
    I Have build a...
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    Hi! Thanks for your help!
    I actually know the node id within the function (it has indeed the same id like the tab prefixed with "outline_, but it seems to me, that the node-id isn't the same as the...
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    Hi there,

    i've got a small problem which i cannot solve myself. Hope you can help me :-)

    I have a Ext-Application (border-layout) which consists of 2 items. One is a TreePanel, the other is a...
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    Hi everybody,

    i have a strange problem with a Tree and the Tree Sorter. I've got a Tree looking like this

    + AOPBrowser
    |--- Sub
    |--- Sub2
    + FLOW3
    |--- Sub
    |--- Sub2
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