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  1. Got it. Boy, that was a FRUSTRATING experience!!!!!!
  2. Is there some sort of documentation how to upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.2.0?

    I had my generated app all working in 2.1.1. I was able to create packages, production builds, etc.

    Now I downloaded...
  3. Sounds like a bug to me.

    Thanks, but I don't think the "scrollend" event would work for me, since I only need a callback when I am calling the "scrollBy" method in certain cases. I'd think the...
  4. I reported it for 2.2.0-RC. The download is still the same, so no new RC provided since. The "Fixed" might be an indication that it will be included in the release following 2.2.0-RC.
  5. Hi,

    I have a dataview and I defined an animation when the list is being scrolled. I want to execute a function when the scrolling animation is finished.

  6. What Debasish said is working.

    xtype: 'loadmask',
    message: 'Loading...'
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    Click the button to add random markers to the map. Tested with ST 2.1.1.

    Every time you click the button, it will generate a marker at a random location within the centered map and add it to the...
  8. Just downloaded to test ST 2.2.0-rc.

    Using Ext.Map, the maprender(comp, gmap) event has two arguments, the first being the map component, and the second being the google map.

  9. It says "Failed to load resource". What resource are you loading? Images?

    I also read that document before, and while I found it somewhat helpful to get the concept, it didn't really worked for me...
  10. You could use XTemplates and there you can define that every, say, 5th item has a different look
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    This is interesting. I thought it's something simple, and here I am nearly after 20 minutes rolling my eyes... 8-|
    Now I'm curious, too what causing this.
  12. When I generate an app using sencha cmd, I get 2 folders in the 'resources' folder:
    1. loading
    2. sartup

    These folders are filled with the same images. I changed the image in the 'startup'...
  13. Eye doctor needed in isle four...eye doctor, isle four please!

    Oh, whoa! I don't know how could I possibly missed this. I've been up and down the methods and properties chart numerous times and I...
  14. According to the docs, the default items of the titlebar is xbutton. So I have a titlebar and three buttons added to it. So the titlebar has three items. One button aligned to left and two to the...
  15. Thanks guys, but as it turned out it was some completely unrelated weirdo issue.

    I had a button, which when I press, brings up a floating palette next to the button using showBy(). I defined the...
  16. I'm sorry, I realized after posting that once I add more items, I end up with the same issue that you had. 8-|

    So here is a different solution with 40 items. I simply use the selectedCls to set...
  17. I have defined show and hide animations for some buttons, popup panels, etc using fadeIn/fadeOut.

    For some reason, when I activate these items, the animations are not executed. Instead of a...
  18. Got it. The problem was that I called setActiveItem(0) from the wrong place. Reloading the store is asynchronous, so I had to call setActiveItem from within the store's load callback.
  19. So I gather it means your panel is transparent but full screen? Maybe you need to size the panel to the same size as the size of the total buttons...?
  20. Hello,

    I have a carousel with a couple of pages. After an event, I remove all items from the carousel and refill it with new data.

    However, at this point the carousel is not scrolled to the...
  21. I seem to keep answering my own questions lately. I used to plan taking a break at least once in a 10 hour session. That seem to help.

    My problem was that in the HTML text ({description}) the...
  22. Hello,

    I have some data that is returned via JsonP. One of the data is {description} which contains an HTML page. Eg, HTML tags, classes, style formatting etc. I'd like to display this data inside...
  23. I solved it. My problem was that I set 'standardSubmit' to true and this way I was submitting an HTML form.

    I had to use JsonP request, which solved the problem.

    handler: function() {
  24. Hello,

    After I press "Submit" on a form, I am being transferred to the url that specifies the location of the processing file. Eg, I have the "url" parameter of the form set to...
  25. My wild first guess would be that if the data is online, you might need to return jsonp and not json. Do you get any errors in the console when you trying to load the data from online?
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