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  1. ok, did that, and no luck... unless I am missing something.

    here's what I got:

    function convROI(v, record){
    return record.get('Revenue')/record.get('Spend');
  2. did... got it working, kinda.

    now trying to figure out how to make the new ROI field sortable... have this in

    {name: 'ROI', type: 'int', sortable: true, sortType: 'int'}

  3. #1 - I kinda get it... I can assign it to Model fields, but how do I assign that actual converted value to the columns in the grid now for each entry?
  4. or should this be done directly in the JSON feed/source itself?

    is there any difference in speed if the JSON feed is rewritten in PHP vs. the calculations being done on the frontend, through...
  5. I'm just wondering how do I the following:

    1) do calculations on JSON data fields before outputting them in the grid? for example, if I have Spend and Revenue fields in the example below, how do I...
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