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  1. ArrayStore

    That is a separate issue with Sencha Architect which I reported elsewhere.

    Had to touch the code generated by Sencha Architect once and change that line to ArrayStore. Sorry I pasted the code...
  2. That was my understanding too. We have been doing...

    That was my understanding too. We have been doing several prototypes and have gone much further in our understanding.

    This one is possibly a bug in ST 2.0.0? autoLoad:true still doesn't work.
  3. Auto setting

    Sorry I misread your message on field type.

    I set both the primary and foreign keys to auto and tried again without success. getCount() is still 0.
  4. Have tried the autoLoad flag as well as the manual load method on the association

    Thank you for taking the time to read the source and reply.

    1. AutoLoad = true has already been tried and didn't help
    2. Manually calling the load() method on the association also already tried....
  5. Code to recreate the error

    Sure. None of these is hand-coded. It is all built using Sencha Architect.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: [
  6. ST 2.0.0 - HasMany Association and ArrayStore : Returns 0 records

    version ST 2.0.0 and built using Sencha Architect

    Model: Tournament <Has Many> Divisions.
    Division <BelongsTo> Tournament also setup.

    Both stores are populated with ArrayStore data...
  7. Happens with other types of Store also

    This was working just like 3 days ago. Would be great to get this resolved asap.
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