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  1. I am seeing this as well in 4.2.1 I have a...

    I am seeing this as well in 4.2.1

    I have a REST Model that I am trying to delete. The request is performed and I get a a 200 response, but no callback is executed. In the following example, my...
  2. Robert, I have utilized your method for setting...

    I have utilized your method for setting up Jasmine.
    Does it mean that I can not test 'refs' that are views?

    I have something similar to this:

  3. I think I solved this for myself

    not sure if what I am doing is "correct" or will cause me grief in some TBD regard, but, my static console errors are gone and I am able to compile.

    I found a couple of other threads that lead me...
  4. Shared components in common directory of workspace

    I have a growing workspace with multiple Ext applications, and it feels like we should move some common components to the 'workspace/common/src' directory so they can be reused.

    I have made an...
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    kevin.chen, I think it would be considered a...

    I think it would be considered a single page application at this point, but that may change.
    I have the ExtJS application in a workspace so that I can potentially share resources with...
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    upgrade command errors

    I have a workspace with an ext app in it. The ext app was generated with Cmd 3 build 141.
    At some point I installed Cmd build 181 and ran 'upgrade'. It completed but overwrote files.
    I was...
  7. [FIXED] all app/ and resources/ files

    I noticed this with ALL files in my app/ and resources/ directories.

    Everything was regenerated, as if a brand new app.
  8. move the resources/images folder

    So, is it correct that, for now, we need to add our own logic somewhere to move resources/images?
    For example, by adding a copy task to the 181 Ant build.xml. Maybe in the "-after-build" target?
  9. I have this same problem

    I encountered this same problem - after running 'sencha app refresh'.
    I rolled back my bootstrap to the previous version and the 'failed loading' errors went away.

    This leaves me wondering why....
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    [FIXED] my 404's

    I added 8 or so Ext @require's to the externalized shim, and achieved a functioning build!

    I also updated my index.html, per your example.
    And, after moving sch-all-debug.js to a lib/, updated ...
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    [FIXED] externalizing the symbols

    Thank you. Externalizing the symbols got me past the 'Failed to load error', and the build process completed without error.

    However, now, when I try to run the built index.html, loading...
  12. related thread

    More info in this thread.
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    [FIXED] upgrade Bryntum license

    Looks like the solution is to upgrade from free trial of Bryntum license.
    Upgrading will, allegedly, enable me to ditch the @define and @require directives and
    simply use the sencha.cfg classpath...
  14. [FIXED] Using 'upgrade' command overwrites files

    After installing Cmd build 181, I ran the 'upgrade' command, like so:
    $ cd path/to/app
    $ sencha app upgrade -p path/to/ext

    All of my app files were regenerated from scratch! Same with the...
  15. [FIXED] Seems like a different issue

    This report seems to be slightly different from the bug being tracked, but maybe related?

    I have just generated a new theme (with Cmd build 181) and can confirm that the generated config.rb file...
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    [FIXED] using 'upgrade' to upgrade Cmd

    Not using 'upgrade' for ext sdk, just Cmd.

    I installed Cmd (build 181) and wanted to upgrade an existing app from 141.

    I used:
    $ cd path/to/MyApp
    $ sencha app upgrade -p path/to/ext4.1.1a
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    [FIXED] Thank you!

    I am trying to build with the Bryntum Scheduler.

    The shim seems to be working - up to a point.

    All of the dependency issues are gone - which is great.
    Now, I run into the following error:
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    [FIXED] Does Cmd v3 support vendor libraries?

    Trying to find the right question for my problem.

    I can not figure out how to build an app with definitions (models, views, stores, controllers) that extend 3rd party/vendor library definitions....
  19. Using 181's 'ant build' in a 141 generated app

    How do I generate the ant build.xml for an already generated app?

    I have an app generated with 141 that I would like to build with 181, but build.xml does not exist.
  20. My experience so far is incomplete, but what I...

    My experience so far is incomplete, but what I have accomplished is:

    - using Cmd v3, generate a workspace
    - in that workspace, generate an ext app
    - in that workspace, generate a touch app
    - in...
  21. Bryntum thread

    I was able to get a bunch of help for getting the bryntum scheduler integrated with my Cmd generated app on a bryntum thread, but I still haven't resolved the build/refresh dependency issue.

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    index prep

    Are we supposed to modify index.html prior to running a build?

    For example, are we supposed to replace 'ext-debug.js' with 'ext-all.js' or something like that?
  23. Integrating Bryntum Ext Scheduler With Cmd generated Ext app

    Using Cmd, I have successfully generated a workspace and an ext app in that workspace. The application builds correctly until I attempt to integrate the Bryntum Scheduler, where I encounter...
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    Wrong Touch SDK!

    I was using the wrong Touch SDK. Found the correct one here:

    Touch app generates now...on to the next issue : )
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    If I want to use DeftJS in a Cmd generated app, what do I need to consider?

    Should I avoid using Cmd to generate classes (models, controllers, etc), or should I go ahead and generate them and then...
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