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    I have encountered problems with previously overridden methods. The method is listed as depracated, but it seems all out broken to me. I have had good luck switching to Ext.define,...
  2. So I found the solution and figure I will post it...

    So I found the solution and figure I will post it here.

    In the code I am trying to parse, the //<debug> statement was appearing after the end of an object definition as below

    foo : {
  3. SenchaSDK jsbuilder does not parse comment excludes

    After poking around for hours trying to use the automated application build tool, I have given up and generated my own jsb2 file with a batch script to use with the sencha SDK jsbuilder.bat (uses...
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    MVC app design

    I am working on a decent size CMS application using the basic MVC pattern introduced in Ext4 ~o)

    While I have found many ways of making things work, I am unsure of the "best" way to handle several...
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    oh the pain...

    I concur with the above. I spoke with someone from Sencha at a conference recently, and it seems the MVC model is being entirely reworked and will eventually be backported into Sencha Touch. I second...
  6. same behavior for me -- workaround

    I have had this problem as well, however it seems to work fine with a local query mode even using a server proxy.

    If you do not need the server-side filtration feature, you can set querymode:...
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