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    Ext.grid.plugin.GridHeaderFilters dynamic grid reconfigure

    Hello All,

    We are trying to set the columns dynamically in the grid with below steps

    var filterPlugin = Ext.create(
  2. [FIXED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid cell non editable on Group Collapse

    Hello Team ,

    In the example locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid in EXtjs 4.2.1 , cells become non editable when the first group is collapsed.

    Tested on IE 9 on Windows 7 .

    screenshot attached....
  3. [CLOSED] Hello Team , I am using Extjs on IE...

    Hello Team ,

    I am using Extjs on IE 9 , Please try on IE on Windows 7.

    Thanks Abhi
  4. [CLOSED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid on cell click left scroll

    Hello Team,

    In the locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid example in extjs 4.2 when we click on the cost column on any cell then we experience a scroll to the left .

    which is displeasing for the...
  5. [FIXED] Broken getNode method in cellediting locking_grp_summaty_grp_headers grid

    Hello Team ,

    Steps of Simulation - add large data to the grid , create more than 3-4 grouping , click on the cells in grouping having more than 5 records , after 4-5 rows , the cell editing gets...
  6. [FIXED] Broken records when using this.dataSource.indexOf

    Hello Team ,

    We had encountered the issue

    in order to fix , we had adopted the fix by Michael
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    [FIXED] Broken when changing the grouping on store

    Hello Team ,

    We applied the patch suggested by Michael the patch was working well , but when we change the grouping on the store , the grid seems to skip and misidentify some cells .

    we get an...
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    [FIXED] Hello Michael, The override does the magic! ...

    Hello Michael,

    The override does the magic!

  9. [NOREPRO] Thanks slemmon, For the response , the...

    Thanks slemmon,

    For the response , the reference thread is opened by me only :-)

    Thanks for the support provided.

  10. [FIXED] Patch for the bug fix locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid cell editing

    Hello Team,

    Thats is great that this issue is fixed in the next release , could you please guide on from where can we download the latest files , or provide any patch details which could help us...
  11. [FIXED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid cell editing error for initially hidden columns

    Hello Team ,

    locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid example give error , if we make certian fields hidden initially

    header: 'Due Date',
    width: 125,
    sortable: true,...
  12. [NOREPRO] Cell editing not working in cells when the columns are set to visible

    Hello Team ,
    As part of performance improvement i have done below steps

    var gridcolumns=new Array();
    var columnMap=Ext.Array.toValueMap(grid.columns,function (obj) { return obj.dataIndex;...
  13. [NOREPRO] Show/hide Columns on grid , causing the script to hang on IE7

    Hello Guys ,

    We are making the columns show/hide by clicking the parent header.

    I tried the suggestion shared by the experts, but in our case the numbers of columns are around 150, so the...
  14. Mitchel Example on Grid , Horizontal scroll not working

    Hello Experts ,

    I have downloaded and deployed the example provided by Mitchel on my local server , but to my surprise the example provided is not working with horizontal scroll , the other...
  15. I checked out ubergrid , but it is not...

    I checked out ubergrid , but it is not opensource , i wonder if Sencha has an plan of including such components in the future releases , or a forum where we can offer our suggestions for future...
  16. Even i tried searching the things , Grid with Horizontal scroll

    Even i tried searching the things, but did not get any useful information on this is highly appreciated.

    I went through all the examples of the Sencha touch , but was not able to see any working...
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    Ext User

    Hello , thanks for sharing the details , i am facing the same situation ,in scenarios where the floats and strings are appearing the sorting is happening correct , but in cases where the values are...
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