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  1. I saw many apps doing this. Is there any update?
  2. Am building a gallery App in Sencha touch. All most all the work is done. Am planning to add a share button to all the images. I have seen this functionality in many apps. When they click the image...
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    Thank you so much, its worked for me
  4. Thank you so much for this piece of code

    var store = Ext.getStore('remoteProjectStore');;;
    This worked for me to...
  5. Its working
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    Did you find any solution to solve this issue, am also facing the same thing

    i just tried store.remoeAll() then store.load() will do the job for me. But its taking too much time to remove all...
  7. Am using this plugin!/api/Ext.ux.AccordionList to build an accordion list. And have a Pullrefresh plugin on it. When the refresh function fires i would like to show...
  8. Thank you so much for your help, Included device push and communicator . Now am getting push notification.
  9. {

    "icon": { ...
  10. Ext.device.Connection.isOnline()Its not working for me, instead am using .. Is there any work around to work Ext.device.Connection.isOnline()
  11. Thank you so much for your thread, its really helped me to get connection status, I tried with Ext.device.connection so may times but no success in my IPod, navigator.onLine worked for me both in IOS...
  12. Thank you so much yencarnacion..its worked with phonegap 3.0 as are awesome...i tried so many combinations this is the only one worked for me..Thank you
  13. I am developing a sencha touch application which need push notification functionality. I know according to sencha docs they are not supporting Android push notification. So am trying to integrate my...
  14. android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan"
    This worked for me..
  15. Hi,

    I have also faced this problem, in my case its because of the androidAPILevel, in my packager.json file i gave api version 17 bug my phone is only 15, so i got a error message "There is...
  16. Am using sencha touch 2.2 to build an application. Here am struck with an overlay issue. I have a celendar view in my app (
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    Its working great......super Plugin...
  18. Thank you so much..Its worked/..
  19. Did you fix the error? am facing the same parsing error when i try to install the apk file. Please share some idea if you fixed the bug ...
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    Ext.device.Push.register({ type: Ext.device.Push.ALERT|Ext.device.Push.BADGE|Ext.device.Push.SOUND, success: function(token) { console.log('# Push notification registration...
  21. Am Developing an IOS application using sencha touch 2, i have a requirement of sending push notification . I have set apple certificate file, provisional profile also did some server side coding to...
  22. Hi,

    Do you have any success ? I have just started working on push notification.. How can i get the device token id ? please give me some code examples to send push notification
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    Am also facing problem with push notification.. Is anybody know how to send it in ios, Please provide some examples.. Thanks in advance
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    I recently started developing with Sencha Touch 2, at the moment i'm creating an app that needs support for Apple Push Notifications.

    So I've created the neccesary certificates...
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