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  1. Yes, I just need the data for the rows visible.
  2. Is there a way to get the current data loaded on the infinite grid?

    Here is my scenario:
    I have a infinite grid and I scroll it down (let say the scroll position is at the middle). I have to get...
  3. Hi everyone,

    Need help for this one.


  4. However i just checked and we're on DirectX 11. this is the last comment on the other thread too. Are you suggesting downgrade?
  5. Gotcha. Thanks!
  6. Yes Jason. It's the same. How can we get the patch?
  7. Hi,

    We upgraded architect project to 2.2 now we are having these issues:

    1. When clicking Publish, the new publish log view (I am not sure if i call it correctly but i am referring to the view...
  8. Hi evant,

    On pagingtoolbar, have you include CRUD interactions already?

  9. Hi GreenEyed,

    Where did I put this code?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. Replies
    I am pretty much new to ext js and practically not an expert on JS. I've worked with windows forms for most of my project

    Anyway, i need to know the best approach of binding the text field to...
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