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  1. Great! I'm going to try this as well. Do you, by chance, know if this could work with a navigation view? That's what I'm currently using for navigation in my app, but I just wanted this slide...
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    Hi wnielson,

    Thanks for making this awesome plugin. In my navigation view, I am not able to get the slide nav menu to appear more than once. For example, I slide it out, and then press the "Back"...
  3. I think in general that there needs to be a real effort to ensure that everything possible with Sencha Touch is possible to do with Sencha Architect as well. And then it should be documented how it...
  4. Yes, an example of how to add a plugin, such as Slide Navigation ( would be excellent.

  5. I'm in exactly the same boat. I would love to see some documentation on using the SlideNavigation plugin with Sencha Architect. The documentation at
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