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  1. addendum: in Command 5.0.2 this problem is solved.
  2. same here:
    touch updated to 2.4.0, command to v5.0.1.231
    build production end in:
    [WRN] C1014: callParent has no target (me.callParent in Ext.dataview.DataView.onAfterRender) --...
  3. Thnx Mitch for your reply (If no one is answering .. Mitch does!). And yes .. i have guessed that this would be the answer. Destroying Ext.Viewport in launch is easy. There is more to do, right?...
  4. Hi,
    i want to use Sencha Touch on a simple Website (this Site is not an App).
    I only want to use the very mature 'Core' of Touch like: MVC, Store, Models, Data handling aso.
    I dont need any...
  5. Hi,

    We have tried to package and send our App using phonegap but we had had the same problems uploading our App in Apple Store. This is the procedure we followed:

    1) Include Phonegap in our...
  6. I'm sorry. I'm still waiting for a Sencha solution.
  7. Hello,

    I'm using Sencha to build iOS and Android apps. Currently I'm working with this versions:

    Sencha Touch v2.3.1
    Sencha CMD v4.0.2.67

    Today I've tried to do a new upload of my app in...
  8. Is there anything i can do ... to see what the Review People from Apple see?
    Can i read Crashlogs somehow?

    If i cant reproduce an Error from this Review Process ... what would be the best next...
  9. Yes i did. Everything works fine.
    Any Idea what could be the cause for this white screen?
    Can i do anything more ... to see what these Review People see?
  10. I tried twice to upload my SenchaTouch App into Apple AppStore. Without Success.
    This is what Apple wrote:

    And they send me a Screenshot (see Appendix)

    I really did everything to get a...
  11. Got same Problem like above one .... Any Solutions?

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    Thank you very much Mitchell for your fast Reaction.

    The problem lay elsewhere.
    The right Keyword for my upper Problem here was: " ..incorrect MIME type: text/plain .. for my .manifest File"...
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    Ext version tested:

    After updating my Development System to:

    SDK Tools -2.0.0 beta3 and
    Sencha Touch 2 SDK -
    Browser versions tested
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    Old or new Issue?
    After updating my Development System to:
    SDK Tools -2.0.0 beta3 and Sencha Touch 2 SDK - ..
    .. i have the same problem like rando. Once i deploy my App as a production...
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