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  1. I am just trying to simply redirect it in the entire page.
    The code is:
    xtype: 'panel',
    html: '<div style="text-align:center;"><img class="facebook"...
  2. Hi,

    I faced the issue when redirect to the URL like on the image click on Blackberry.
    I tried to find out the solution and found that the problem occurs due the sorollable...
  3. Whatever data is coming from the strore and show in the list is not my problem.

    My problem is , I want to show the view from the top whenever i click on the buttom which is on the bottom of the...
  4. I have a View with many controls on that and a list whose height sets dynamically according to the data
    comes at runtime. Below the list , I have a button which added more jobs in the list....
  5. I have developed an application using sencha and phonegap for blackberry which is working fine on the chrome browser. In the application, I m using the ajax to call the WCF services to access the...
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    Thanks for the reply Michell.
    I am try to call the google maps service with Ext.Ajax.Request.
    The code which i use to call the service is:-

    url :...
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    Whenever I tried to call the web service using Ext.Ajax.Request with method type as POST , it automatically changes it to OPTIONS and following error is occrued :-

    405. That’s an error.The...
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