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  1. thanks, you make me more confident. : )
  2. thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, i forgot that i can create HTML and put ExtGWT generated stuff in a DIV or any containers, so that i can design the web page in the traditional way using PHP,...
  3. That sounds good, but is it gonna make the development more complex and time consuming?

    I looked at the "WHO'S USING EXT" section on the Home page, and couldn't find one using pure ExtGWT. I...
  4. Hi there,
    Ext GWT is fantastic, but i have a little confusion. I m creating a website using ExtGwt now, but all i can think of is button, panel, textfields, and etc. All these are just like Java...
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    still have problem. when save to a map in the session, if i kill the session, the first time is always a failure, in which there's only one record can be retrieved from the map, after the first time,...
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    i sort of solved the problem. this time, i tried to send value to the Servlet and save them in a map instead of getting the HashMap from the Servlet, it works now. I m wondering if this is because...
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    I know this is not the right place for GWT questions, sorry i have to put it here coz i don't know anywhere else that i can get help.

    I m doing some Session stuff using Ext GWT, but i even...
  8. hi Feltros, thank you very much, your reply is very helpful, thanks!=D>
  9. Hi there,
    i m learning Ext Gwt, and think it's a great tool. I m a bit confused about how people build a website using Ext Gwt. Do you guys use it to create the whole site? or make a HTML page, and...
  10. sorry, it works when i put it straight in to the onModuleLoad method of the Entry Point class. But if i put the code in another class which extends LayoutContainer, and add this panel to the Entry...
  11. Thanks to jpnet for posting an example of "grid to tree drag n drop" in this thread:

    This is exactly what i want to achieve, but i...
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    Thanks jpnet, it doesn't seem that EXT GWT has much flexibility in handling XML, i might have to convert the XML to satisfy what EXT GWT needs before feeding in.
  13. hi mate,
    i didn't find the example for Ext GWT, i did what i used to do in JAVA Swing application, and solved the problem. Generally i use a getter and setter to get reference of the content panel...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have looked at the samples, and tried the XML Grid. But in the sample, the grid are generated from a simple XML, which has only text contents, and no attributes, which are...
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    this is very frustrating, i've been trying for quite a while. I m trying to display a set of data in a Grid, the data is retrieved from a Servlet. What the Servlet does is to access the Database,...
  16. solved.

    don't know if it's correct way, i do as what Java normally does. I reference the target object to the source object using a setter method, and use method like...
  17. hi,
    i put the same question here a couple of days ago, i've been trying to make this work, still no luck.

    i have a border layout page, a tree on the left hand side(West panel), which is a...
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    Hi guys,
    does anyone know how to feed a Grid using XML attributes? e.g.

    <xflow-location last_updated="2009-02-06T09:31:56.000+11:00" longname="Head Department YYYYY" name="HQ"...
  19. Thanks!
  20. forgot to give you this.
    Netbeans quick start for GWT

  21. i m new to Ext GWT, I just got this done last night. Basically you need an interface understandable both to the client and the server sides.

    As i m working on a JAVA web application, what i care...
  22. I had the same problem, but simply solved it by setting:

    public BorderLayoutExample() {
  23. Hi,
    I m trying to make a website like a file browser, which is a BorderLayout panel, with a Tree on the West panel, and the Center panel is the display area.

    What i m trying to do is to click on...
  24. Thanks guys!

    Fother, the link u redirects to the other thread i posted.:)) those readings are really helpful!

    Kolli, i've downloaded GWT using download software. It seemed that my browser cound...
  25. Thanks dude, now i m a bit clear about how it works. =D>
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