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  1. I using MVC architecture...
    my series are dynamic
  2. I have a chart type 'colums'


    When i select line button, i want change chart type to Line, but i can´t...
    any idea how i do?
  3. in this url I describe the url my code with what I want
  4. Hi, I trying whit that code for dynamic chart.
    I have been guided in the sample code in the url
    The code like that:

    * Lukas Sliwinski
  5. I have a dynamic grid using the example
    i want take the grid row and add to chart (column, line.. ).

    if select all rows, i need see values in...
  6. do you know how make the same example charting the data values from the dynamic grid??
  7. Thanks.... you are the best :)
  8. I have a GridPanel and I need set the value for entire Column using a variable that I have defined
  9. Hi... I solve my problem from this way:

    'dateVales > #dateFrom':{
  10. I have a app and a i need get datetefield values (not necesary validator).
    My View Code:

    Ext.define('App.view.DateValues', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.dateVales',
  11. Hi, i review your examples, and i need something extjs4-mvc-grid-binded-form, but the inverse case.
    I need get datefield values to the View-Form and set into the grid store and load changes.
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