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  1. Hi,

    I have a combobox that I fill with objects KeyValue. i want the first item to be a empty object (key="empty" an value=" "). When I select dropdown list in combobox, the first item is empty...
  2. Thanks for your answer Michael, but it's not working ...

    I'll Keep searching.
  3. This error was happening with tabs with FieldSet's with layout = ColumnLayout.


    - TabItem (FlowLayout)
    --- FieldSet (without Layout)
    ----- LayoutContainer (ColumnLayout)
  4. hi,

    I have a window with a TabPanel and some TabItems with fields. If I click tabs back and forth, the fields (and labels) are printed correctly but the second time are printed incorrectly (see...
  5. Hi,

    I have a window with a TabPanel with 3 TabItem's nad with fields in each TabItem. When I create the TabPanel I call tabPanel.setDeferredRender(false). The API says that:

    "Setting to...
  6. hi,

    I have a MultiField inside a TabPanel (TabPanel is in a Window). I have two TabItem's in the TabPanel. In the second one (not shown when the window is opened) I have a multiField (with a...
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    Sorry, I saw that I cannot call setStyleAttribute(...) in FormLayout
  8. Replies

    I have a FieldSet with a LayoutContainer (ColumnLayout) as I want to put 3 fields algined horizontally. Then, I add each field in a LayoutContainer (FormLayout). See code below.

  9. hi,

    I'm migrating my app. from GWT-Ext to GXT.

    In GWT-Ext I filled a Grid with an array of arrays of String (String[][] data). It contains a list of arrays (each array will be a row in the...
  10. hi there,

    I'm getting this error when calling the method layout() in a LayoutContainer object:

    ClassCastException: com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.layout.ColumnData

    Probably I have...
  11. hi,

    I was using GWT-Ext in my application and now I'm moving to GXT. After migrating all the code, I started the application in eclipse with cypal studio and it takes long time to show the first...
  12. Thanks for the answer Sven. I'm moving from GWT-Ext and have some errors so I can't execute the application yet to test it.

    I have read in another post that when MessageBox.prompt is called, the...
  13. Hi,

    I would like to know if, when I call MessageBox.prompt, I can set an initial value to the TextField that appears in the MessageBox.

    Or should I use Dialog class instead of MessageBox.
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