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  1. Hello

    We are using qtip over cells of grid, but sometime the qtip are rendering outside the screen.

    How Can I do?
    I tried the event mouseover in my panel, but I can find my cell's value.
  2. Re,
    oops sorry, my fault : the "itemId" property of my 2 combo box was the same !
    it's not a "duplicate" command bug, so seems not to be a bug as well ;)
    this thread could be closed
  3. hi,
    it's seems like a bug but not sure :

    here is what i do :
    - create a "border" layout panel
    - create a west panel with "form" as layout property (called "westpanel")
    - add a combo box...
  4. Hi,
    i promote my grid as a class and use CheckboxSelectionModel with success.

    so now just a minor notice :

    when setting this value for CheckboxSelectionModel::header property

  5. Hello,
    In an ext designer project, is it possible to attach to an external js file that define a custom store?
    i think no, so is this planned ? where could we find extdesigner roadmap / bug...
  6. Hello,
    i'm trying to produce a grid wich present a checkbox column
    so i search an example or a tutorial explaining this with ext designer.. without success.

    If i produce a EditorGridpanel and...
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    Ok Thx

    I would like to know I its possible for list Option, to have options like on form.combo : remote or local
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    Is there somewhere a documentation, because I need informations for list
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