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  1. I had the same problem with IE 10 using ext3.4.1 with column header filters. The datepicker that appeared for date filters was too skinny to see the whole calendar in IE. I didn't get it to work by...
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    Thanks for pointing that out, I just had to add an id attribute for the field I wanted to auto expand and my undefined config[col] was resolved. :)
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    As I detailed at, I ran into a snag when I tried changing the columns...
  4. Hello,
    I've taken the example at and tried implementing column locking by including the extjs 3.4 version of the locking grid js and css files, adding the view:...
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    Thanks for the example using multiple filters in one column, now I can do numeric and date ranges and display them, Yay!
  6. Can you explain how to relay events from the child grids please?
  7. I haven't gotten the row editor to scroll yet when there are locked columns, but I was able to remove the locked columns from the row editor so the headers would line up upon editor starting by...
  8. I'm using a row editor in grids with 20 columns that require horizontal scrolling and it works great, when you scroll horizontally in the grid the editor moves along with it.

    But when I...
  9. Thanks Mitchell, apparently this does the same thing:

    var maxRowIndex =;
    I added the -1 at the end because the index starts at 0 but the count starts at 1.
  10. I figured it out by reviewing, the code is this:

    var maxRowIndex =...
  11. Hi issameddine,
    I was able to successfully implement your function to make the up arrow work, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the value of maxRowIndex so the down arrow will work. ...
  12. Thanks Condor. That wasn't the solution for my specific issue but it did help me figure it out. I ended up adding float:left to the x-grid3-body class in ext-all.css in order to fix what I was...
  13. Hello all,
    I have noticed the table data for a couple of my grids shifted over to the right about 10-15px so they don't line up with the headers. Hoping it was the same issue as mentioned here I...
  14. Yay, it works now! Thank you Condor! I think I added the extra part to the name in order to distinguish it from other grids on the same page, but I can see how it would get lost without a mapping.
  15. Hi Elijah,
    Thanks for the tip about firebug, I didn't know I could use it that way. See attached for the response from within the console. The data2.php file just has that json text in it so far,...
  16. I have firebug installed, but how would that help me in this instance?
  17. Hi Elijah,
    The content of the response from the data2.php file is this, as I mentioned at the top of my original post:...
  18. Hi Condor,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. The output of the script (as seen from viewing the page source which is what I assume you mean) is this:

    var store = new...
  19. Hello,
    I'm trying to add pagination to a simple grid and I want to use the remote data call since that seems to be the simplest method of populating the chart. I've created a very simple json...
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