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  1. Here's an override to make TimeField work:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.TimePickerOverrides', {
    override: 'Ext.picker.Time',

    createStore: function () {
    var me =...
  2. Well just included the override js somewhere in your scripts after the ST scripts.
  3. Hi Wayne, thanks for the feedback. I might NOT visit it again. I would suggest you have a look at these links which should help you integrate and assemble most of what you need:...
  4. Hmmm.. okay thanks evant, I somehow overlooked that aspect. This code is undergoing Ext 3 to Ext 4 upgrade in phases and this worked in Ext 3 perfectly. Ext 3 produced the following parser method for...
  5. I was getting an exception in my application and when I analyzed, it was because of Ext.Date.parse returning undefined for a date string I passed to it (using Ext 4.1):

  6. Hi Jamie, this still seems to be an issue in
    The same sample code as in the opening post reproduces it. Let me know if I should create a new thread as this has been marked fixed.
  7. Yes and no.
    See when you are using NestedList, in most use-cases, you want to tap the item as well as go into it (e.g. consider folders in NestedList, tapping brings up files in an adjoining...
  8. Here's the onItemTap method of NestedList:

    onItemTap: function (list, index, target, record, e) {
    var me = this,
    store = list.getStore(),
    node =...
  9. Hi bdvr, I think you have a very easy solution:

    Ext.define('Ext.override.dataview.element.List', {
    override: 'Ext.dataview.element.List',

    getItemElementConfig: function (index,...
  10. Hi Tommy, the fix introduces another issue.

    Consider the following sequence of events where you have a store bound to a DataView:

    var records = [{name: 'P1', email: ''},...
  11. Okay I found the solution myself. Here are a couple of simple overrides that would do what I mentioned above:

    Ext.define('Ext.override.dataview.element.Container', {
  12. This is a sample rendered markup for a List item:

    <div class="x-list-item x-item-selected" id="ext-element-454">
    <div class="x-list-item-label">
  13. Sorry lopezdonaque, the patch above is based off this:

    If you need something specific, please feel free to use the above code and...
  14. Oh okay, thanks!!
  15. Sure, please find it attached.
    Please note it has been compiled with JDK 7, so you would need JRE 7.

    EDIT: The size of the file exceeded forum limits, you can download from here:...
  16. I am pretty sure I saw Touch 2.0.1 download link couple of weeks back. Today when I came back to actually download it and upgrade my app from 2.0.0, there's only 2.0.0 link here:...
  17. The issue lies in createTargetsWithDeps method of JSBuilder2. It only processes the includeDeps of a package if its set to true, completely ignoring fileIncludes.
    The doc for .jsb2 file format (as...
  18. Replies
    Sure Chris, I always like to share what I write. I am actually gonna write a blog post about this when I get time, but here's the raw copy-paste of the component.
    This might not work as is for you...
  19. Hi Jamie, I just tried the override and it does not work. Still getting the same issue.
  20. Great, thanks for sharing the override Jamie!!
  21. Here's the code to reproduce the issue:

    Ext.define('Contact', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: ['firstName', 'lastName']
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    Nopes, I have already created a custom component for myself. Thanks for sharing anyways...
  23. Thanks Tommy, the issue seems to be resolved by applying the 2 overrides together. Hopefully I won;t have to go back to my hacky code again :)
  24. Hi Tommy, sorry for the delay in response, I was travelling.

    The issue (after applying the mentioned override) still does NOT seem to be fully fixed. Please try this:

  25. Thanks Simon, here's the other thread:

    It would be appreciated if the fix when...
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