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  1. Hi Frederic,

    The implementation of multiple applications using Extjs with MVC architecture is very interesting. I wonder if you can give us some information in a real application you have used...
  2. Hello,

    It would be interesting to separate the source code of the application view using two tabs. In a tab we can edit the source code. In the other, would see the application or part of the...
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    Great news. Can not wait for this update.
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    I'm considering the possibility that in my application the app-all.js be almost 5mb.We are analyzing the possibility of creating an interface for our ERP using ExtJS.The problem is the number of...
  5. Excellent example,

    Simply set up and showed you how to use ExtJS with 4 new MVC architecture in ASP.NETMVC:) I was just trying to create a project to use these two technologies.

    How to perform...
  6. Hi Lixin,

    This download not work. when I try to run for first time I get "Your LatticeFramework Code Generator evaluation period has expired." on my windows 7
  7. Tobiu.

    In the guide they say:
    app-all.js - This file is a minimized build of your application plus all of the Ext JS classes required to run it. It is the minified and production-ready version of...
  8. I read about the new MVC architecture of ExtJS and found it very interesting. I amconducting tests to apply it to my application. However, I have this doubt. The file "classes.js"is in the midst of...
  9. Please, can you send to me? Thank's
  10. Hi all,

    When I'm using this method to set values in many fields of my form, the textfields receive the respective value by your propertie "name", that is equals to the name of the value in the...
  11. anyone?
  12. Hi,

    I have one griview whit some columns, then in the forum I found some code to save and restore the state of the columns int one database. I'am successful return the information about It in the...
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