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  1. After quite a bit of googling, I found this which answers my question and solved my problem : As usual (in the early hours of the morning) I...
  2. I found if I remove the query string from the url it works. The problem is that my server scripts have a single entry point called index.php (I'm using Joomla) which contains a router. It decodes the...
  3. I have an editorGridPanel that uses the checkboxSelectionModel and I want to pass all selected rows back to the server when a tbar button is clicked. For this I'm trying to use an ajax request in my...
  4. Found answer here: My thanks to Wilson for his blog post.

    Extjs CheckboxSelectionModel: Disable Row...
  5. I would like to use the CheckboxSelectionModel in my EditorGridPanel, but I don't want a row's checkbox to get checked by clicking any other field on the row except the checkbox column itself. Is...
  6. I am using a combo box as a grid cell editor and have have set loadMask: true in my grid store config, but when I click in the cell to get the combo box, I see a glitch that I guess is due to the...
  7. Thanks conorarmstrong, that was a good idea and I used it like this:

    listeners: {
    beforeedit: function(e) {
    // For each cell that gets edited, check to see if it is the employee
  8. I have a grid that allows entry of job assignments for an event at a future date shown here
    For each row that is created, a job...
  9. I return this:

  10. Hi Miklós

    You are right, I tried again and got it. Not sure why it failed the first time.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  11. Hi, I just discovered the video on the Sencha site. The seems to have been taken down again though :(

    Does anyone have a copy they could share with me?

  12. Just like to add my thanks for the very helpful webinar. I look forward to being able to see the recording as there are many bits I would like to watch over again (and possible again and again! :) )
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    Right, thanks. Yes, it was my problem.
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    Sorry, I was wrong and didn't state clearly what I wanted to do. Using the override means the reset event is visible to my listener:

    NS2.employeeJobInfoForm.getForm().on('reset', function...
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    Works a treat!

    Many thanks Nige.
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    Thanks for your help. Do you mean that Ext doesn't provide a way to listen for the form reset event? Submit and Reset are both recognised javascript form events right? Is the "interceptor function"...
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    I looked at the API but still wasn't sure how to do this. I also searched the forums and found this thread...
  18. Yes. Can imagine scenario's this would not work well with. What if the the store is remote and the resultset row corresponding to the sm selected row has been deleted in another element (say a form)...
  19. Excellent. Thanks.
  20. Thanks Condor.

    Not sure what the general consensus would be, but to me it would seem more intuitive if fieldsets did inherit the trackLabels property from the parent form. Otherwise a note in the...
  21. I have the form

    employeeJobInfoForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    title: 'Job Info',
    region: 'center',
    itemId: 'employeeJobInfoForm',
    layoutConfig: {
  22. Spot on.
    {"success":true,"totals":"0","rows":[]} Causes the event to fire.

    I did try adding an exeption handler at one point, but must have coded it up wrongly as it didn't appear to fire either....
  23. I did try the listener you suggested, but I found that if my response looked like this

  24. I have a JSON store who's remote load may return a zero records response


    How do I test for this?
    I tried just using the getTotalCount() right after...
  25. If you are at all interested, the main code can be seen here:

    I'm afraid it's not well factored or organised.

    The code is generated on the server and sent as a...
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