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  1. Thanks Gary. I had to make the following change for combos, otherwise the value submitted is only the display text and not the id.

    //For combo
    Ext.define('mypatches.form.field.ComboBox', { ...
  2. Did some more digging and this seems to work for both combos and text fields.
    But still would be great to hear from someone more knowledgeable to say if this is fine or not...

  3. I am getting html encoded data back from the server. Where is the best place to apply Ext.String.htmlDecode() for text fields?
    Is doing the following a safe option?

  4. What is the recommended way/place to handle html encoding/decoding? All my form fields are html encoded when they come down from the server as json objects. My combos behave the same as yours but...
  5. So if we are to use a non focus-able component in a window does this mean that Ext.FocusManager.enable() has to be called in the initComponent and disable() in the destroy?
    Is there a performance...
  6. I seem to have this bug in ext- Is there a newer download available? or a path to beta source code?
    (Sorry still a bit new to forums and where things are at).
  7. I am having the same problem with Ext 4 on IE 9 and mvc.

    I am in the middle of porting our single page application from Ext 3.4 to 4.2. I have both sites running side by side ( on...
  8. Thanks for the fix. Works great!
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    I seem to have an issue where the checkbox never receives focus. I am trying to tab through the form, but it always skips the tri-state checkbox.
    Does anyone else have this issue?

  10. Im using 3.3.1 and have not had those issues. But I did have trouble if "remoteSort: true" was set in the JsonStore.

    I also had to make a modification to get the hover behavior right.

  11. Got the query builder this far.28668
  12. Update:
    Found some more information about drag drop and scrolling at
    So I changed my implementation however this...
  13. Hi

    I am porting an access like query builder written in js (from a legacy web product) into ExtJs for a complete rewrite. I used the portal example as a starting point. I am having trouble with...
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    Im a newbie to extjs. This plugin works great and thanx for creating it.
    One issue I seem to be having is with the remoteValid flag. It doesnt seem to change the behavior even if I set it to...
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