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  1. Hi everyone,

    I got a fully implemented ST2 web app that uses java&mysql for the back-end standart issues. I want to convert this web app to native. With Phone Gap(Cordova) I managed to do this(for...
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    Hey, I got exactly the same problem. Any progress with it ?

    P.S. I tried to import the minified file with the script tag and it works fine. I did that in order to remove the possibility that...
  3. make sure your web server is running and your address is fine. Also you must had given access to all of the dependency files/folders.
  4. hey, guys. I'm having the same problem with the syntax error in the concatenated app.js file. At the beginning I was thinking that this error is due to some of the additional js files that I include,...
  5. Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to replace the sencha-touch-debug.js with sencha-touch.js, but I'm receiving some errors and warnings connected with the files interpretation:

  6. the tabpanel's setActiveItem() method is maybe what you're looking for
  7. Hi everyone,
    I'm having a simple question about submitting a form that holds nested data. Ok so... I have a sencha form with simple string fields and a field which is a collection of same objects....
  8. found the solution - in the config method of the tab panel apply this:

    tabBar: {
    scrollable: 'horizontal'
  9. Hi,
    I found out this example, where one is able to scroll the up and down tabbars to the left or right . I'm wondering how can...
  10. Hmm. That's a little bit strange, because when I'm using a json object coming from a server(invoked before that with store.load() func) the results are different. I mean in the data field of the "A"...
  11. I'm having a similar issue about this one. Let's say for example I want to add a collection of tweets, when instantiating the Search model. The problem I'm facing is that this collection is not...
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