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    when i click on a input field, the focus class, doesn't applied to the input field, but on the whole form item.

    This is happening on a linux enviroment with latest adobe AIR...
  2. Of course. I had to add a Record definition for my JsonStore, from the beginning.
    Thanks Animal, for your help.
  3. I have a Dataview in a panel:

    var dataview = new Ext.DataView({
    store: store,
    tpl: tpl,
    id: 'dataview',
    autoHeight: true,
    loadingText: 'Loading...',
  4. Ι don't understand how to do that. Any more help?

    Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hello,

    i have a DataView with a custom template, and a JsonStore for its objects.

    var tpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<tpl for=".">',
    '<div class="thumb-wrap" name="{id}">',
  6. Maybe you can use the renderer function of the columnmodel.

    An example:

    id: 'software_name',
    header: "Software",
    width: 13,
    sortable: true,
  7. I thought that after dom.src, i had to put the whole img, not only the source of the image.:s
    Thank you very much :D
    Prince Elrik
  8. Ok we made some progress.

    I added it, after, but on double click i get an empty screen (attached image, i used IE for preview). So i thought to change the code:
  9. Hendricd,
    thanks for your quick response.
    I understood now where the problem was (rendered initially), so i tried your code and firebug returned:

    win.getComponent("imagepanel").body has no...
  10. Hi everyone,

    i have a problem with my panel and after a lot of searching, i haven't find a solution. So,
    we have a successfully rendered grid and with double click on a row, a new window with a...
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    Υou have to go to login.html, line 11 and change

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/cookies.js"></script>

  12. You can use this:

    text: 'Reset',
    handler: function(){ name_of_your_form.form.reset(); }
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