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    does the exported excel file from this code alerts that the file is in a different format compared to its extension also ? "The file you are trying to open, '[filename]', is in a different ...
  2. ok, thanks, that did it...
  3. the js error is
    b is undefined
    chrome://firebug/content/blank.gifExt.DomHelper=function(){var w=null,k=...lclick",this.onNodeDblClick,this)}});///

    i'm not calling it inside Ext.onReady because...
  4. anyone here have done xslt transformation on the client side, i keep getting an error when registering tooltips. the error is happening only for FF, no errors on IE and the tooltip is also...
  5. doesn't seem to work for IE
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    override doesn't seem to work in extjs 3.2.1... is there any fix for this?
  7. how can i make the combo box width depend on the width of its list items? as how the html select box behaves, so it will be automatically longer if the content is long otherwise shorter
  8. the selecting of titles and replacing it generally works for all elements in FF but again in IE, it doesn't work for select option items (drop down and listbox items)
  9. ok thanks, i think i'll go with the second solution even though it might be slower since i can do additional formatting to the title before showing it. I've looked around the forum regarding the...
  10. since the interceptTitles attribute of the tooltip doesn't work that smoothly in IE, i'm trying to manually add ext:qtip attributes to the appropriate html doms but the problem is if i do something...
  11. yeah, that seems to be the case, because it only happens on the initial appearance of the tooltip, i just hope that someone finds a workaround for this one
  12. even with the QuickTip's interceptTitles attribute set to true, the default title still shows up on initial mouse over on the element.. is there a way to prevent this? (seems that this only happens...
  13. thanks for that information, the problem is that the tooltip appears but also disappears immediately even if my mouse is still over the trigger element
  14. hi there, i'm using this function which i got from this site to show tooltips on all elements with a title attribute (basically the default html element tooltip doesn't show up in formatted html that...
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    as i have posted in here (, i have found another example which demonstrates the same problem ->...
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    got the answer from this one

    used this code instead

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    hi there, i'm trying to make a server side structure to be used as a client side menu item

    server side

    public struct ContextMenuItem
    public string text;
  18. this is working for me now, but as i said on another post, why does the tree inside the combo box disappears when you type something into the combo box? then it won't reappear anymore not unless you...
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    using this ddview code, seems to be having problem when dragging the last item of the dataview below the dataview, it gets replaced by some random item within the dataview which in turn makes the...
  20. any help with this one?
  21. is the keepExisting parameter default as false? was it default to true before like in v2.2?
  22. hi , i need someone who knows extjs function from way before, i was referring to the extjs 2.2 api but didn't get much info, i have grid panel with this rowContextMenu event handler

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    right now, i have this function which updates my dataview. this is called by the server side through invoke script and the "data" to be loaded to the store is passed. this gets called for each...
  24. can you type in the path of a local text file in that remote loader?
  25. as i have posted in here (, i have found another example which demonstrates the same problem ->...
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