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  1. Dude... this is awesome! Great work!
  2. I can confirm the same problem as mohaaron though, no ToolTip config options seem to work, tried about 10 from the API.

    Not sure why, I can see in the source that my config options are getting...
  3. Oops, disregard my last two posts. It works perfectly out of the box, it was some modification I did to the plugin that was causing the problem :)
  4. Btw here is my example tip config. It seems to work fine for the first column you mouse over, but if you mouse over a second column it doesn't perform the ajax request.

    var cellTips = new...
  5. Hey guys... has anyone successfully gotten this plugin to work for multiple cells on the same row? Doesn't appear to be working, although with just one cell it works perfectly. If I can get it...
  6. Saint Father... this is exactly what I was looking for, just tried it out and it works perfectly. Thanks a ton for the link!
  7. Hey Guys,

    I have been trying to figure out how to pass in a param specifying a certain cell to spawn the tooltip, I do not want to show it on the entire row.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how...
  8. Answered here:
  9. Hey everyone!

    I am trying to figure out how I can toggle the 'enableDragDrop' option in a grid, so I can have a button to toggle this functionality.

    How can I change the grid config options...
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    I don't know if you found a solution yet but I thought I would post this in case someone runs across it.

    Here is how to call a function after a drop event in a portal.

  11. Thanks for the reply Evant.

    After digging a bit deeper into this, I found out that it wasn't a CSS issue but a config issue that I somehow overlooked.

    In a global config file, we had...
  12. I was able to resolve this issue, see this thread for more info:
  13. I was able to resolve this issue by using a window group.

    Here is the modified code:

    var winGrp = new Ext.WindowGroup();
    var queryWin = new Ext.Window({
  14. I am experiencing this behavior in Safari & FF 3.5 across multiple dev workstations.

    If anyone could simply test to see if my example code produces the same behavior or not that would be a big...
  15. Since upgrading to 3.0, every date field that is inside of a modal window will show the date picker behind the modal window. I have not been able to find any related posts to this problem.

  16. Hey everyone. Since upgrading to 3.0, anywhere in my project where I am using a date picker inside of a modal window, it always seems to render behind the modal window.

    You can see an example of...
  17. I was able to fix this by changing the way I load the store:

    yearSelect: function(o,r,i) {
    var year =;
    var make = Ext.getCmp('SearchMakeBase');
    var model =...
  18. Hey everyone. I have been really struggling with this problem which started happening after I upgraded to Ext 3.0 rc2. I have two combo boxes, when you select the first one it does an ajax call to...
  19. Hello...

    After upgrading to Ext 3.0 RC2 I have been having problems in our system with I have a combo-box which has a handler for auto-populating another combo box.

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    Thanks for this Plugin, it is very useful!

    I have ran into a scenario where I need to have the functionality of both cascadeCheck: all and bubbleCheck: all. It lags FF for a bit then spits out a...
  21. Actually this doesn't fix the problem. Now the image is in the right position but it is placed on top of the input so no clicking is possible. Currently I'm just getting the input element's left and...
  22. I found a temporary fix for my dilemma by changing the input element's alignTo function so that it will align the image as well:

    onRender: function(ct, position){
  23. There is an issue with this fix in a grid. It seems like the image dose not get positioned above/behind the hidden input. any suggestions? Thank you!

    Awesome fix btw!
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