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  1. Aha! Now works as expected :) Edited my-theme/package.json to include "requires": ["charts","pivot"]. Thanks!
  2. I am using a custom theme. Most of the necessary scss variables can be overriden in my-project\packages\custom-theme\sass\var\Component.scss except for...

    chart legend e.g....
  3. Please see for working example.

    When binding stateful components to ViewModel data, combobox restores from saved state but textfield and datefield don't....
  4. I am using Themes, so it's in packages/myTheme/sass/var/Component.scss

    The resizer is great, I'd like d&d to work in increments as well.
  6. Hi,
    how can we snap to grid when dragging a component, like heightIncrement and widthIncrement in Ext.resizer.Resizer?
  7. In Ext 5.1 I had successfully customised a theme using these SCSS variables:

  8. Can we have a hotfix please?
  9. I've just tested it side by side in Chrome on two different computers.
    It happens with Ext JS Crisp, but it's fine with Ext JS Crisp

    You can speed up the test a bit by...
  10. It's only when the tab is hidden.
  11. The following fiddle uses model with 10 fields, memory store with 20 records refreshed every 1 second and grid panel:

    If you let it run for about 10-15...
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    This is because Component.renderSelectors is deprecated. To fix it, please patch the IFrame.js:

    childEls: {
    iframeEl: { selectNode: 'iframe' }

    initComponent: function () {
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    this is because Component.renderSelectors is fix it, please patch the IFrame.js:childEls: { iframeEl: { selectNode: 'iframe' }}initComponent: function ()...
  14. Has anyone tried to apply suggestions from post #13?
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    Could somebody please explain what is the logic behind D&D when rearranging widgets in demo? We've just played around with my colleagues...
  16. If I add tool to viewTemplate in Ext.dashboard.Dashboard, the tool's callback is not executing. There is no error reported.
    Please have a look at
    Is this a...
  17. What about PATH variables? How do you manage that?
  18. I have to use cmd 4 with Architect 3 for production. Can I have cmd 5 and somehow switch between them?
    If not, what's the best alternative? What do you guys use?
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    Valid JSON is critical in software where Sencha apps are just a (small) part of a more complex build. For example our software release is a mixture of C, C++, C#, F#, NodeJS, PHP, Python and...
  20. Absolutely! Please add this!
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    I had the same requirement and decided to use library with bullet plugin. It appears to mix safely with ExtJS 4.x
    Include the library, css and plugin files and add a container like...
  22. yes, you need a commercial license of sencha complete or at least sencha touch bundle
  23. This is how I solved localization of my ExtJS applications created using Sencha Architect 2.x and 3.x. One of the drawbacks when using Architect is that you cannot define dynamic property in config...
  24. Jason,

    thank you for your reply,

    re.3) Indeed it looks like a bug, happens when you build Production app. I've attached sample SA2 app and converted to SA3. In index.html you can see:
  25. After upgrading my Extjs 4.2/Architect 2.x project to Architect 3 and enabling build tools, I have the following issues:

    1. In project settings > Framework, I have set license to Sencha...
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