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  1. I attached a complete example of Ext direct calling a python method.


    You need to install the module in python.

  2. According to the specification

    this is the reply that the sencha client expects from the server:

    <html><body><textarea>{YOUR JSON RESPONSE...
  3. I am trying to make an Ext direct call using a script on the server side. Why is this not compliant json?

    You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String: <html><body><textarea>{"tid": 1, "action":...
  4. // so I'm inside either onReady or launch if I'm using
    // MVC

    // I do this

    var provider = new{
    url: <The path to your...
  5. Hello,

    I am using python on the server side extensively and wanted to create a generic facility within javascript to call routines using json.

    Client module applianceApi.js:
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