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    That's sth. I really would like to know as well. Did we backed the wrong horse?
  2. The project we're currently working on has about 64 symbols, some of them are nested, and about 180 graphic files. So a rather medium to large size project.

    The problem is that we're currently...
  3. That's sth. I really would like to see as well!

    Along with the general possibility to use all HTML valid units. Especially % and em maybe even ex, cm, in and pt for some edge cases. Can't see why...
  4. When a symbol action is called we have access to the controller, event and symbolController since those are the handler function parameters. But there's no direct method to access the actual...
  5. Editor properties for the CSS3 "box-shadow" and “border-radius" would be really helpful.

    I know you can easily add those under the "Custom CSS" section and the preview will actually show the...
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    The "Head HTML" editor in Sencha Animator 1.5 (Build 219, MacOS) doesn't allow the usage of copy&paste. Which makes this editor really clunky.

    Please add this basic functionality.
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