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  1. Confirming that this is indeed fixed in 4.1.1.

    I had posted about this issue in the early 4.x days at least 6 months ago so very glad to finally see this taken care of.

    Also boxselect 2.0.2 w/...
  2. Update:

    Updated to 4.1.1 and did some further debugging and turns out that in 4.0.7 a setValue("2") would find the integer value of 2 in the value field but not in 4.1.0+ so updating the code to a...
  3. In 4.0.7 a combobox set to readOnly would still allow programmatically setting the value via .setValue();
    In 4.1.0 this is no longer the case. .setRawValue() still works.

    This is a needed feature...
  4. Sometimes column headers are bold sometimes not on same grids, no changes to stylesheets.
    This did not happen in 4.0.7.:-?

    Chrome 20.0.1132.47

    <div id="gridcolumn-1010-titleEl"...
  5. Migrating from 4.0.7 to 4.1.0 RC2 still having issues in ie7 / ie8.

    FF and IE 9 seem to be ok for the most part.

    See issues attached as pdf 3 pages.
  6. Is anyone running BoxSelect 1.3.1 and testing with 4.1 RC1 and IE 7/8?

    If you have it working and have a workaround could you please post it.

    Thank you.
  7. FF,Chrome,Safari has been pretty stable in most every version since 2.x

    IE 7, 8 have been major problems in every version. Sencha needs to incorporate more IE7, IE8 tests into their kitchen sink...
  8. BoxSelect 1.3.1 on Modal Window Form is broken so don't even get to see the window now.

    I will do some more testing tommorrow.
  9. Replies
    Works fine in FF.

    Box Select 1.3.1 works in FF but not IE, really wish such a good component was tested and incorporated as part of the framework.
  10. I'm not sure i've tried 4.1 b1, b2, b3. I'll look for RC1 and give it a try.
  11. labels / text are not showing on IE7 disabled panel see attached document comparing IE7,IE8, firefox,safari.

  12. Hi kveeiv,

    Is there a way to sort the selected items. The store is stored alphabetical so the list is alpha, but I would like the selected list to do the same.

  13. using no doctype
    running ie9

    adding following css will cause window bottom border to get clipped.

  14. you have it spelled incorrectly in your example, could that be the problem?
  15. Thank you I was having the same problem it was driving me nuts.

    It happens in IE7/8/9 with or without doctype. Just adding the name property fixes the problem.

    Sencha please take note this...
  16. Grid column alignment issue.

    Figured out this only happens in
    IE8 on Windows XP aka 8.0.6001.187002 and still occurs in beta-2.

    update: if all fields are set to flex:1 doesn't happen only...
  17. Does anyone have a patch for the IE8 grid column misalignment issue, I'm currently running 4.0.7
    It only occurs in IE not in FF and only on grids with flex:1 widths.

    I would love to go 4.1.x but...
  18. Getting the following error in 4.1.0-beta-2
  19. Any guesstimate as to when this will be release (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month)?
  20. 3224632245
  21. From ext all with comments.

    Line 124080 - radios[r].setValue(true) - undefined

    Radios is an object the array is in radio.items[r]

    Here is the radiogroup instance.
  22. Westy,
    If found the issues with modal windows can be overcome by not destroying them.

    var me = this;
    if (!me.History_Win) {
    me.History_Win =
  23. I have radiogroups that worked in every version of 4.0 thru 4.1.0-beta-2 and are now failing.

    I traced it to line 124080.

    Line 124080 - radios[r].setValue(true) - undefined

    Radios is an...
  24. I was having the same issues mentioned with nothing rendering from 4.0.7 to b1 and fixed by using

    initComponent: function () {
    Ext.apply(this, this.initialConfig,
  25. Confirmed this is still a problem in 4.0.7 and this override seems to fix the issue.
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