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  1. See here:
  2. It has no ability to detect IE9, so thinks you are running pre version 6 to a certain extent..

    in ext-base-debug.js if you change the following line it appears to work:

    isIE8 = isIE...
  3. OK I have now worked out a work around for the sorting issue..

    after manipulating the data i have now added:

    ds.fireEvent("datachanged", ds);

    The grid now keeps the sort...
  4. I would imaging this is purely for security.

    If you were allowed to do this then you could hide the input field submit the form with javascript - and then you would have access to any file on your...
  5. You can specify URL Parameters as part of the ds.load method.


    Hope this solves it for you..
  6. I am building a system to manage contacts, I want to avoid pagination if possible, the reason i want to update records is that several users may be editing the same contact list at the same time....
  7. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle keeping the datastore and server side database in sync..

    Obviously updating changes as soon as they are made is a given, but refreshing the entire...
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