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  1. no one help?
  2. When i use Table-grid,i remove the autoHeight:true,but the scrollbar was not appear?the scroll bar of table-grid don't work?why?
    here is my html and js code:

    <div id="table-grid">

  3. How to defined this: Divo ,when i run your code,firebug show a error :Divo is not defined
  4. Where is my hero?
  5. Chinese:
    oh,my god!~ Some friends of extjs forums were almost Chinese.
  6. yeap,exciting...
  7. cool~ How to ? u combined displayValue with selectValue?
  8. I am already change my code,now is:

    var dataType ='selectText',/^[a-zA-Z]$/,true);
  9. a select handler on the ComboBox? I don't understand.can u take an example?
  10. OK,I have already debugger in this :

    console.log('ok'); //my break point is here
    var dataType ='selectText',/^[a-zA-Z]$/,true);...
  11. the same problem? :
  12. sorry,when i post this thread ,i make a mistake,but in my project,the data is fine,so i already edited my post~ The result Which I want to associate with PinYin is no fire,see this code:...
  13. This code is just the same with the demo. Another problems: when u run this code in ie the combo box can not get the funds.js's data.but in firefox ,it runs fine~:-/
  14. i want to combined the items of combobox with chinese pinyin.How to do in this code:


    here is my whole code:
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