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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm actually wanting to do an even more complex: one with a cascading combotree combobox. In the first combo, I'll have a tree where I select a node as an option in my combo, and...
  2. Hi Everybody!

    I'm having the same problem! Can someone have the solution?

    this.tree.findNodeBy is not a function
  3. Its very simple:

    At show closure do:

    success: function(form, action){ -< this will share the stores
  4. Hello Everybody!

    I'm having some problems to work grid inside form panels. I have a form that is about sales and sales itens where it opens on window. Let me describe this window: on the first...
  5. Hi!

    I was wondering about this extension and I'm trying to apply that on a grid. It is working good to add data to the database, but I found a problem. When I try to edit a data set that cames...
  6. Hi Everybody!

    I put the extension on my code, but the datefield when posts insists on send data as follow:

    data{"fields.start_date":"2010-10-13T00:00:00"}Pay attention that JSON field has a T...
  7. Did you mean, to do this?

    var customerStore = new{
    id : 'customers',<-- Here my ID for the store
    proxy: customerProxy,
    reader: customerReader,
  8. Do you have fixed this issue? If yes, can you post your solution? I'm having a similar problem like yours and i'm finding for a solution. Thanks so much.
  9. Another question? This combo is being rendered at a grid. When I select the option and do a 'tab' to another field on the grid the value information that the grid displays is the id value instead of...
  10. Do you have a example for remote mode?
  11. Hi!

    I'm having the same problem, did you solved? Can you share your solution?

  12. Can you help me with this issue? If you can't, get out! Dont waste our time with insignificant answers. We are here trying to help each one to find solutions to our problems in the ExtJS, not for...
  13. Hi Everybody!

    I'm a newbie at ExtJS and I'm having serious problems to work with this framework. I'm almost quitting from the use of this tool. :s. My problem is very simple but I'm not finding...
  14. Hi Everybody!

    I'm following this discussion about the MultiGrouping Grid and I need to solve a simple point on my implementation. Where I can disable the top bar where appear the buttons "Group...
  15. Condor, can you give a small sample? Sorry I'm a new bie on Ext.


  16. Hi Everybody!

    I'm a newbie on ExtJS and I need to display a form that have checkboxes fields where if the JSON data has data for someone it needs to appear already checked, so where I can get some...
  17. Yes, you are right. I fixed this and now is working thanks!
  18. Almost solved! But another problem appeared, let me show my code:

    // Created a proxy to access the Json
    var customerProxy = new{

    api: {
    read :...
  19. Hi! I did a debug and the root: data is not loading the JSON, but the page loads the http file, but the values is not being passed to the root:data. So how can I proceed to fix this?

  20. Doing this? console.debug(customerStore)?

  21. Hi!

    I tried to put autoLoad: true and before the combo I've put customerStore.load() but no one has effect to appear the data in the combo box. Any idea?


    Rogério Carrasqueira
  22. Hi!

    Thanks for your help! I've added and not worked, any more ideas?


  23. Hi Everybody!

    I'm a newbie at ExtJs and I'm having some problems to work with Ext Combox on a Grid Panel. Let me explain my problem:

    1 - Have a grid where it loads data from a JSON file and...
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