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  1. There is nothing inside the TD. It is empty at all times.
  2. Doesn't seem to work:

    render: function(p) {
    var tt = new Ext.ToolTip({
    title: "Levels",
    html: "test",
  3. Ok, I tried putting it in the render event for the panel, but the tooltip doesn't appear. Here is what I have:

    listeners: {
    render: function(p) {
    var tt...
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    Sweet! Just what I needed too! Should really be part of the library.
  5. HAHA, that was it! Thanks so much!

    Now, next and hopefully last question. I tried to render a ToolTip to a TD, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there something special I have to do? Here's is...
  6. Doesn't seem to work. Here is what I'm using:"td:nth(1)", true, row.body).setStyle("backgroundColor", "black");
  7. In my case, I'm not sure what the root is. Per the doc, it says the root is the "HTMLElement". For me, I have a Panel that has this HTMLLayout. How do I specify the panel? Is it the var name I...
  8. I see what the problem is now. It seems like once the HtmlLayout is rendered. trying to select td:nth(x) is considering EVERY td that is on the page, not just within that particular layout.

  9. yes, this is related to HtmlLayout, as I'm using that for a Layout of a panel. It's just that this particular TD is only visual, there is nothing rendered to it. However, the above code does not...
  10. Sorry to bug, but any word on being able to do this?
  11. Not currently. It is simply an empty TD which will have some background color depending on the state of that row during run time.
  12. How can you set the style of a particular TD in the html table at run time? For example, I want to set the background-color to #FF0000 for "td:nth(1)". How would I accomplish this in code? Thanks.
  13. Forgot it. Sounds much too difficult and not worth my time. I guess I'll just find a more capable editor one of these days...
  14. I want to somehow display the remaining characters in an HtmlEditor as the user types. Something like:

    "43 of 500 characters remaining..."

    in a label on the Panel. Any help on implementing...
  15. Definitely seems to be the case. Although, I'm stuck with it for the time being so I'll just have to make do with it.
  16. I'm not sure why or exactly when, but it seems like more often than not, a "question mark" makes its way into the getValue() result after typing something in the HtmlEditor field. This seems to...
  17. Nice, thanks!
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    I have been using the HtmlLayout and it works pretty good. Only drawback is that on complex layouts, it gets a bit daunting to manage because the controls are instantiated separately from the...
  19. I was able to accomplish what I needed by embedding another panel within the panel that is using the FitToParent plugin. It works, but I really don't like the extra weight it brings.
  20. This almost works! It properly sets the height of the panel to fill the entire space, however, and this is a big issue. Even though I have set autoScroll: true, no scrollbars appear, rather, the...
  21. I'd like to apply a style to the actual table of a TableLayout, not the individual panels the result. Specifically, I would like to specify a border to show (for columns and rows as well). Seems by...
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    Is it possible to specify/render ExtJS control within a template? Or is it only text based?
  23. Is there a way to do this as a listener?
  24. The "style" method doesn't work. Can you show me how I might use the FitToParent plugin with the above code? For example, with the FitToParent plugin, it seems you have to specify the element, but...
  25. Nevermind, again! It seems that AFTER making a post, the "Similar Threads" feature finds relevant threads, that the "Forum Search" does not seem to be able to find. Seems like the query logic in...
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