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    Sencha Build: Does not minify


    Some people might find this useful.

    When your compressing your files into app-all.js, sencha build just invokes YUI Compressor. The issue is that the sencha build invocation hides the...
  2. Some old code

    Hey Mitchell,

    Yes, I should post some code. I actually posted a version 7 months ago. You can find it here:

    If you're new to Sencha, this will...
  3. Example of an application written in Ext JS 4.0.7 - TidalWave


    If you're looking for how to do stuff with Ext JS 4.0.7, take a look at, and click on the Start A TidalWave button.

    I've spent the last 9 months or so banging...
  4. Mitchell, Thanks for the response . I've...


    Thanks for the response .

    I've been playing around with the jsb files that come with 4.0.2a. For some reason, they seem a little quirky as well. They make reference to jsb files that...
  5. Shrinking the footprint of app-all.js


    I'm trying to use Sencha 4.0.2a for a number of different applications. I'd prefer to use one JavaScript library for these applications, but I'm having some issues with the footprint of...
  6. FB:Like button on Sencha Touch Toolbar


    It took me a little while to figure out how to put a FB:Like button on a Toolbar. I actually started investigating PhoneGap until I realized that I had to build separate versions for...
  7. Premier League Fantasy Football App -


    I've been able to hack together a quick and dirty Premier League Fantasy Football app at thanks to the following:

    1. Sencha GeoCongress Demo App
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