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  1. Hello, sorry for the delay. I'm sorry I can't test it right now, I'll let you know once I do!
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    Oh cool, I thought overriding a class method would replace that method entirely!

    Anyway, I did start this thread as a feature request to have an additional "empty" class. Even if I have the...
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    No, I mean I'd like to directly override the Dataview class and have it propagated to the List class.
    In my quick fix I just subclassed the dataview and the list, and I use those two subclasses...
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    I wanted to know when a dataview or list is empty, and style it accordingly.

    I could style the emptyText element to fill the entire list space, but changing that element's background color...
  5. Hello,
    in 2.2 b2 (haven't tried 2.2 alpha or b1) the list has got a basic emptyText element styling. Though, when the element is visible, you can still scroll the list itself.

    Here's the original...
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    any updates on this one? It would be a really useful component, but it isn't working on Touch 2.1.

    Also, having these feature would be cool too:

    Show as a modal panel instead of sheet...
  7. I haven't tested it yet, but seems that this has been fixed in Touch 2.2.0 beta 1, as stated by the release notes:

    While I'm...
  8. I'm bumping this up since it's been closed without even waiting for me to provide the correct test case.
  9. That's what I've started this thread for, but you added some good points.
  10. So what's the best way to add an element at the beginning of a grouped list and make it scroll with it?
  11. Here's the right url for the fiddle:

    The lost item it's not a store record, it's a manually added component.

    Is it still expected behavior?

    Note: looks...
  12. As the subject says.
    A docked item should be rendered outside the first item.

    Test case here:
  13. Hello,
    I found that, when adding a docked item to a list and scrolling until the docked item it is out of view, that item can't be found anymore by ComponentQuery.

    Here's a test case:...
  14. Sencha changed things in worse in 2.1. Do this:

    Ext.create('widget.list', {
    data: [
    { title: 'Item 1' },
    { title: 'Item 2' },
    { title: 'Item 3' }
  15. Same issue here, I'm using this.getTimersView().showBy(button, 'tl-cr');

    Here's what I was expecting (I made it adjusting css values manually):

    Here's what I get instead:

  16. I'm concerned this hasn't been fixed. This means that everytime somebody save a model, the returned data get merged but associations are not reloaded. It's a showstopper for me. Do somebody have a...
  17. Has this been fixed? Because I'm using 2.1 final and looks like it doesn't:
  18. I've studied the entire section and I couldn't find a solution.
    Do somebody have any clue?
  19. Also, the latest reader data (newMsg.getProxy().getReader().metaData) contains the right data.

    I'm stuck :|
  20. You're right, that's because I'm logged in and the server knows who is the author. Rest assured, the author object is there:

    "message": {
    "id": "125",
    "title": "MyTitle",
  21. Hello,
    I'm working with a model that use a mapping, and I'm seeing a different behavior with GET and POST, with POST not getting all data.

    Here's the simplified version of my model:

  22. I've ended doing:


    But while the content doesn't animate, the...
  23. Maybe something like this?

    var anim = navView.getLayout().getAnimation();
  24. I just want to disable the animation temporarily. That's because I'm trying to restore my application's state by using routes, and I want it to show the navigation view at a specific level, like if...
  25. Hello,
    there is a way to add items to a navigationview without animating them?

    I've tried add() instead of push(), but then I found that they're essentially the same thing.

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