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  1. Hi everybody.

    I have a really weird problem in some of my android test devices and is that when a textfield receive the focus to start writing and the keyboard shows up everything goes wrong.
  2. Hi everybody.

    By request of a client i should transform my beautiful combo-boxes to normal html-select to get those working on his iPad.

    So i change the code to this:

    new Ext.Component({...
  3. In a normal extjs app i can do a vtype:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.field.VTypes, {
    phone: function(v) {
    return /^(\d)$/;
  4. Thank you! But that places a spinner at the right of the field and for some reason it allows to input text like any other field :( I need to force the type of the field so the device shows the...
  5. Hi everybody.

    I have a Sencha Tuch app with a couple of forms, and some of those field should be only number.

    How can i force this? That when the field gets the focus the keyboard its set to...
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    Sorry for the dumb question but where goes that code, the ${prefix} part doesn't fit in the normal style.
  7. Here is a sample about how it show the combo. As you can see there is no scrollbars so its useless. (I'm using the default blue theme, i don't know why the colors got mixed with the shot)
  8. Hi everybody!

    I have a small problem with the scroll inside a combo box.

    My combo its set as this code sample, but the scrollbar doesn't appear in my IPad.

    Its a big combo of 270 items at...
  9. Hi everybody!

    How I point in my last post [1], i place some images in my country selector combo, but now i wanna accomplish this: When i select a value in the combo, only the flag its displayed in...
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    Well in case that someone want to accomplish this too, here is what i did:

    // The data
    var countries = [
  11. Hi again!

    Following the line left in this post [1], i never solve the problem with the tabs, but this raises a new question: ¿Can i make the fonts bigger without adjusting every image in the...
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    Hi everybody.

    I need to create a combo with the countries and flags in there.

    Browsing a while i found this resource [1] but it says that its for Ext1-2, so i was wondering if with ext4 there...
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    Nope, I already try that without success :(
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    Hi people!

    With Ext 4.0.1 I have a nice Tab panel with a couple of options, and some of the widely used FamFam icons with a size of 16x16 px, but some of my icons appear cropped at the bottom when...
  15. Hi everybody!

    I have a tabs bar that has some default tab, and then while you use the application another tabs are dinamically added to the bar, but, when i close some of this dinamically tabs,...
  16. Thank you very much! :)
  17. Well the idea is that i send the message with from the phone where is running the app, without using web gateways. Taking advantage of the phone itself.

    Phonegap could manage to do this ?
  18. Grettings.

    I have a requirement of an application that integrates with an Android Phone and Send and SMS Message from the application putting some params in there.

    So, the sencha touch part...
  19. Ops! The solution was that i forgot to add in the combo definition at the column model the displayField. Thanks to Kaigan in the IRC. I hope this help someone later ;-)
  20. Hi everybody.

    I'm trying to create a form using EditorGrid with a Combo in one of the columns. Right now everything its working perfect, but when i access the combo, i cant select any value of...
  21. Well I improve the code to this:

    connCheck = {
    conn : 1,
    check : function(){
    url : remoteSrvUrl+'keepAlive.php',
    method ...
  22. Hi people.

    I'm stuck with this piece of code, and really need your help. Maybe I'm wrong in the Scope, or I'm using totally wrong the function, but i hope you can bring some light to this:

  23. Thanks dplus... that did the trick! Cheers! :D
  24. Hi everybody.

    My app gets an array from a PHP Script on a remote server and then loads the grid with the data without problems. :D

    But sometimes, there is no data or the user isn't allowed to...
  25. Hi everybody.

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } I have a little problem that i guess has a easy solution: I have an array full of strings ('bla bla 0','bla blah 1'), so i need to create a input...
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