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  1. Have anyone an idee ??

    Please help 8-|

    grid_serverListe.on('itemdblclick', function(me, record){
    console.log('itemdblclick :: server_id: ';...
  2. Hi Mitchell,

    which id's do you mean ?


    Ext.define('MyDesktop.GridServerListe', {
  3. Hi Mitchell,

    thanks for your very fast response.

    Yes, i see in the console when i click/doubleclick the entrys from the selected Row,
    but i dont know how i can show the...
  4. I need help with following Problem:

    i would open a new Window on click or doubleclick in a grid row.

    The Grid works fine, all entrys are visible after loading.

    In the modules/desktop/App.js...
  5. Hi all,

    here now the actual Version.

    If the Nodes expanded, the childnodes in this Node are now marked as checked.

    Now i will find a way to expand automaticly the checked node with all...
  6. Hi,

    with that modifications, only the first parent node are marked as checked,
    but this seams the right way to the target :-)

    I Hope anyone have a heart and can help me to find the right way...
  7. Hi,

    i would like to checked all parent nodes when i mark a folder as checked.

    How can i make this ?

    Here is my code, is from the TreeTest Example with little modifications.

    Best Regards...
  8. Thanks for the very fast answer !

    I have now changed cm_mail to:

    var cm_chkbox = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel();

    cm_mail = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
  9. Hi all,

    can anyone tell me how i can add an icon to the header columns (cm_mail), i have searched, but not found any helpfully Post how i can make it.

    My gridPanel:

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