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  1. I believe this issue would arise if you are trying to access data from another server. They need to have a crossdomain policy to access data or you might have to write a proxy script on your server...
  2. I have seens some Sencha Touch Chart samples online with legends as a button. And I am not able to find a reference code for it to view.

    Can someone point me to the Code for the "Combo" example...
  3. I have received the same Warnings, but I have ignored them and nothing seems to be broken.
  4. I would recommend using the sencha touch charts than the fusion charts. The performance and options on the charts are just amazing. :)
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    Where can I find a sample code for the legends to load on a floating container? I haven't come across any tutorial / samples to create floating containers in sencha touch.

    Is there anyway I can...
  6. Hi,

    I am trying to use the List Component with ui: 'round' parameter. But the list component doesn't seem to render properly.

    The top and bottom corners are not rounded and the selected item...
  7. ok.. i finally figured out the solution after 2 days..

    but.. i cannot believe it.. seriously.. !!!!!! seems like it is a bug or if not ... please mention it in the documents in BOLD.

  8. Update:

    Just to provide a sample to the forum, I create a sample list in a view navigator and a chart component being pushed in with data being refreshed dynamically. And the sample seems to work...
  9. I hope this is the right forum. Didn't find any other section for sencha 2.1.0 charts.

    I have a bar chart in a container. The chart comes into view after you click a list item in a Navigator View...
  10. Hi,

    I have a Container component in a 'vbox' layout. Within it, I am loading a basic component to render data and list component. The data for the basic component is loaded through a listener and...
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    Thank you, mitchellsimoens.

    Well, I noticed that there were other problems with the search server. It was returning JSON in text format and did not support callbacks. So I had to write a proxy in...
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    Sorry, If I was unclear..

    The list component is in the view and not in the store. I am using the store to just load data into the list component. All this is done through a controller.
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    I am loading a list from the store which is getting data from a search engine in JSON format.

    To the list, I have implemented the "ListPaging" plugin and the pagination is working fine.
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    I have the following format of JSON object, it is a list of objects (but not in an array). Is it possible transpose this object "projects" to a list? or if I have to do any preprocessing...
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