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  1. Solved chart.setWMode(WINDOW) solved my problem. Now I am also able to print in FF, without preview of all charts.


  2. Thanks for this really usefull solution, to print in all browsers.

    In one case it is working for me, as I need to print 2 different charts.

    In the other case it isn't working in Firefox as...
  3. Hi,

    is it possible to make Labels on the X Achsis, which are not only one line big and support for example HTML so I can put my text within 2 lines for every label I have on the achsis?

  4. Thx harun. It also works for me !!!
  5. I'm using 2.2.1. :(
  6. Hi,

    I use setIcon to change my ButtonIcons, it looks fine in FF and Chrome, but not in IE. Probably CSS Problem, but I have no idea where to look:
    IE: 23769


    FF: 23771

    Thx in...
  7. nobody any idea?
  8. Hi,

    sry for my bad English.

    I'm new to Java development and right now I'm having problems integrating basic CRUD operations using Ext 2.0.

    Read operations seem to work without problems. I...
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