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  1. Removing the
    //<feature logger> and
    //</feature> lines did the trick. Still, it would be much better if I wouldn't have to edit the ST2 source code to get the logger included in production...
  2. Nope, that doesn't help unfortunately. (It did work with the old SDK tools, but not with the Sencha Command).
  3. I have a class that extends
    Ext.log.writer.Writer. When I try to build my app with the Sencha Command, it gives me this error:

  4. A possible fix is to override

    Ext.override(, {
    setOptions: function () {
    options = this.callOverridden(arguments);
  5. I tried overriding, but it doesn't seem to help:

    buildUrl: function (request) {
    if (request.getMethod() === "DELETE") {
  6. Nope, that's not the case (though I know about the paging params, and I do disable them in some case.)

    I have a model that has a REST proxy defined:

    Ext.define("MyModel", {
  7. Using the REST proxy to remove an item fails on some servers that drop DELETE requests that contain a request body (App Engine is a good example).

    How can I tell the REST proxy not to send any...
  8. Solution seems to be to subscribe to the 'exception' event. Unfortunately the it doesn't seem to be possible to reference the response from the exception event handler, so it needs to be re-read,...
  9. A little digging around revealed that the callback is fired from

    …which does not set the "response" as a parameter when calling any callbacks.

  10. I'm trying to create a new model on the server, like this:

    model = Ext.create("MyApp.model.MyModel", {
    some: "data"
    callback: function (record, operation) {
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    We're facing a problem with carriers that cache all GET requests regardless of their cache headers. When the app is loaded from a cache manifest after a false NoUpdate event, the users end up running...
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    Cool, sorterFn is what I've been looking for. Thanks for the help.
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    I need to shuffle a store, i.e. apply a random sorter. Something like

    myArray.sort(function () {
    return .5 - Math.random();
    for arrays.
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    Here is your example, working as expected in JSFiddle.
  15. Odd, I tried to reproduce this in jsfiddle, and it works as expected.

    Sorry for the false alarm, there must be something else that's causing the disappearing mask in our app. I'll report it when I...
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    I also get the exact same error.
  17. Exactly how do you "show" the view? Calling .show() on it should fire the "show" event, but if you're only switching between items in a card layout (e.g. by using Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem() or...
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    I think he means the span.x-button-label. That one is overflow: hidden by default and it is inline or inline-block iirc, so setting a height property would not change anything.
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    I was trying to do the same thing the other day, seems like the only way to do it is using custom CSS (or at least I didn't find any other way to do it). But later we added more options so I didn't...
  20. You simply don't use in things like config options for other classes, you use it in things like applySomething methods (at least that's how I do it; it does require a bit...
  21. Indeed other people have reported missing global variables in production builds. One solution would be not to use a global variable in the first place, but use a property on your application instead,...
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    usePicker: false

    add this to the selectfield config and it will use what you have posted above on all devices.

    See the docs for more details.
  23. That looks somewhat hacky, but if it works for you, it's definitely better than writing hundreds of applySomething methods :)

    So turns out that delaying the application creation did indeed break...
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    Just to confirm your report. The SDK version seems to be working fine, but the latest SDK tools (2.0.0-beta3) do not seem to generate a correct production build when using this new SDK...
  25. You should require: your dependencies in your app, then the singleton should be built in in production.

    Not sure, but deferring application creation might have broken the build script behaviour....
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